Template:Mist Abilities The Six Paths of Reincarnation (六道輪廻, Rokudō-rinne) are a Buddhist concept of the cycle of death and rebirth stemming from Hindu philosophies. In Japan, this is most commonly referred to as the "Six Paths". Each of these paths represent one of the realms a being is reborn into after death, determined by the accumulated karma of their past life. It can also be referred to as:

  • Six States of Existence
  • Six Roads of Reincarnation
  • Six Paths of Transmigration
  • Six Realms of Samsara
  • Six Directions of Reincarnation
  • Six Destinies

Mukuro Rokudo acquired his skills by having followed the ways of the "Six Paths of Reincarnation", which has been carved into his memories, possibly due to the experiments he underwent as a child. He claims that his body has gone through all six paths to Hades, granting him six powerful skills, each named after the six paths. As he uses a certain skill, the kanji of the number referring to the path where the skill is obtained appears on his right red eye. Chrome Dokuro shares the same skills with Mukuro, as she shares the same body with him.

First Realm

1st Path

1st Path

The Realm of Hell (地獄道, Jigokudō), also known as the Naraka Path, is represented by the kanji numeral "一" (one) and grants Mukuro the power to create real illusions capable of manifesting in the physical/real world. This power is a form of reality-warping, but the illusion must be preconceived before the power manifests. Seemingly, Mukuro can use this ability without having the illusion to appear in the physical/real world, but in the mind. Real illusions were made by Chrome with Mukuro's help during the battle with Glo Xinia. During the Choice aftermath, Mukuro appeared in front of Byakuran as a real illusion with the Realm of Hell mark.

Second Realm

2nd Path

2nd Path

The Realm of Hungry Ghosts (餓鬼道, Gakidō), also known as the Preta Path, is represented by the kanji numeral "二" (two), and grants Mukuro the power to use the skills of others. When Mukuro is possessing a person's body, he is able to perfectly perform their signature moves.

Third Realm

3rd Path

3rd Path

The Realm of Beasts (畜生道, Chikushōdō), also known as the animal path, represented by the kanji numeral "三" (three), grants Mukuro the power to summon and control deadly animals such as poisonous snakes or wild dogs.

Fourth Realm

4th Path2

4th Path

The Realm of Demons (修羅道, Ashuradō), also known as the asura path, represented by the kanji numeral "四" (four), grants Mukuro an increase in combat capabilities. When using this path, Mist Flames surround Mukuro's right eye.

Fifth Realm

5th Path2

5th Path

The Realm of Humans (人間道, Ningendō),  also known as the human path, represented by the kanji numeral "五" (five), increases Mukuro's battle aura, thus strengthening him. It is considered to be the most dangerous of the six realms. To enter it, Mukuro pierces his right eye (although this is not actually shown in the anime), and a type of aura resembling the Dying Will Flames then surrounds Mukuro's entire body. However, unlike the Dying Will Flame, Mukuro's aura, in and of itself, poses no danger as it is simply a representation of Mukuro's fighting spirit.

Sixth Realm

6th Path

6th Path

The Realm of Heavens (天道, Tendō), otherwise known as the Deva Path, is represented by the kanji numeral "六" (six). This grants Mukuro the power to possess and control others. This is the path he used on Lancia, Fuuta, Leonardo Lippi, and continually on Chrome to help her. The sixth realm also gives Mukuro the ability to project himself as a real illusion, as seen in his fight with Viper.


  • In the manga, Mukuro stated that he had 6 past lives to gain the Six Paths of Reincarnation, but in the anime, Mukuro stated that his body went through all 6 paths to Hades instead.


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