The Six Funeral Wreaths, also known as the Guardians of the Millefiore Famiglia, is a group created by Byakuran. The members are the bearers of the real Mare Rings.

Overview Edit

Byakuran gathered these six members in secret and revealed them to Tsuna and his friends after they had returned to the future from completing the Arcobaleno Trials in the anime. These six people are said to have extraordinary battle techniques and capabilities and were selected for their resolution and strength. Similar to the Vongola Boxes used by the Vongola Guardians , the Six Funeral Wreaths use their own special set of Box Weapons called the Boxes of Carnage, which change the user into a living weapon. Each member has 100 A-ranked subordinates.

According to Kikyo, they were all humans that reigned over other parallel worlds. However, in this world, things were different due to their misfortune. Byakuran changed their weaknesses to strengths.

Members Edit

  • Kikyo – leader of the Six Funeral Wreaths and holder of the Cloud Mare Ring
  • Zakuro – holder of the Storm Mare Ring
  • Daisy – holder of the Sun Mare Ring
  • Bluebell – holder of the Rain Mare Ring
  • Torikabuto – holder of the Mist Mare Ring
  • Ghost – holder of the Lightning Mare Ring

Trivia Edit

  • The Real Six Funeral Wreaths were informed about the abilities of the Vongola and its allies by Byakuran, who travelled to parallel worlds to gather the information.
  • The Six Funeral Wreaths are all named after plants:
    • Byakuran for the White Orchid.
    • Kikyo for the Chinese Bellflower.
    • Zakuro for the Pomegranate.
    • Daisy for the Daisy.
    • Torikabuto for the Wolfsbane.
    • Bluebell for the English Bluebell.
    • Ghost for the Ghost Flower.
  • All of the plants have the color of the characters' respective flame, even Byakuran who, even with the Sky Flame, disguised it in white.