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Sistema C.A.I. Arrives! is the twenty-first volume of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! series

Chapters[edit | edit source]

  • Chapter 186: Vs. Baishana (VS(バーサス).バイシャナ, Bāsasu. Baishana?)
  • Chapter 187: Captive (囚われ, Toraware?)
  • Chapter 188: Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Baishana (笹川了平VS(バーサス).バイシャナ, Sasagawa Ryōhei Bāsasu. Baishana?)
  • Chapter 189: Merone Base (メローネ基地, Merōne Kichi?)
  • Chapter 190: Vs. Gamma (VS(バーサス).γ(ガンマ), Bāsasu. Ganma?)
  • Chapter 191: Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Gamma (笹川了平VS(バーサス).γ(ガンマ), Sasagawa Ryōhei Bāsasu. Ganma?)
  • Chapter 192: Sistema C.A.I. (SISTEMA(スィステーマ) (シー).(エー).(アイ)., SISUTĒMA SHĪ.Ē.AI.?)
  • Chapter 193: Hayato Gokudera vs. Gamma (獄寺隼人VS(バーサス).γ(ガンマ), Gokudera Hayato Bāsasu. Ganma?)
  • Chapter 194: Sistema C.A.I. Part 2 (SISTEMA(スィステーマ) (シー).(エー).(アイ).その2, SISUTĒMA SHĪ.Ē.AI. Sono Ni?)
  • Chapter 195: Uri (, Uri?)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ryohei fights and defeats another Millefiore member named Baishana, who uses a giant snake to attack him. Meanwhile, Tsuna is kidnapped by Spanner, who actually wants to help him perfect the X-Burner, despite the possibility that he is betraying his own Family. As the Vongola get closer to Shoichi Irie, the latter uses his abilities to rearrange the rooms of the base, separating Yamamoto and Lal Mirch from Gokudera and Ryohei, who are confronted by Gamma. Ryohei fights against him, but when he is defeated, Gokudera replaces him. Gokudera uses the Sistema C.A.I., which allows him to activate several different boxes at the same time. Helped by his cat Uri, which increases in size and strength due to Ryohei's Sun Kangaroo’s Sun Flames, he manages to overpower Gamma.

Navigation[edit | edit source]

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