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Sistema C.A.I. is the 115th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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Gokudera starts telling Gamma about how he found out how to use the Sistema C.A.I. While studying the sixteen Box Weapons, Gokudera realized that they needed to be opened in a certain way for in order for all of them to be opened. As they prepare to battle again, Gokudera uses his Sun Cartridge and successfully strikes Gamma. Gokudera reveals that he has five different Flames.

Elsewhere, Futa and Bianchi are watching over Chrome, who is still in a coma, and Lambo and I-Pin are chasing after an "intruder" in the Vongola Base. Hibari is dealing with the Millefiore's Fantoma members in a subway station and takes out Roll to incapacitate the remaining fighters. In another part of Merone Base, Spanner teaches Tsuna how to use the Contact Lenses for the X-Burner. However, Giannini is adamant about trusting Spanner. In Merone Base's control room, Shoichi calmly assesses the situation and predicts the Vongola's doom.

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