Sistema C.A.I. is the 192nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Gokudera expresses his anger at Gamma attacking Ryohei. Gamma fires Shot Plasma, but Gokudera dodges. Gamma then uses Electric Tower, but Gokudera repels the attack. Gokudera then fires Flame Arrow, almost injuring Gamma, who sets up a Lightning Flame barrier, and confidently thinks that Gokudera's Storm Flames cannot break through.

Gamma quickly dodges, and moves to another area. Gokudera then fires another attack, scraping Gamma's eye. Gokudera then has a flashback about Sistema C.A.I. Gokudera expresses his confusion about Sistema C.A.I., being only able to open 4 boxes. However, Uri destroys the table, scattering the things. On the ground, Gokudera then finds a ring with a rain flame, which he uses to open another 3 boxes. He then wonders if there is a ring that opens the other 9 boxes. He then finds another ring, then the flashback ends. Gamma states that Gokudera appears to specialize in mid-range attacks. Gokudera fires another attack with the rain flames, but this time, he also fires one with sun flames. As the attack hits Gamma, Gokudera reveals that to use Sistema C.A.I., the user must have 5 wave energies running through him or her.

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