Single Strike is the 268th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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The Varia has arrived to assist the Vongola against Byakuran and the Six Funeral Wreaths. Gokudera is surprised to see them there and even more surprised when they dismissed that idea that Squalo is dead. Gokudera tries to warn Xanxus about the parallel worlds but Xanxus ignores him and attacks Zakuro and Bluebell with his Bester, causing a huge explosion. Tsuna and the others see the explosions and thinks that the battle is getting violent when Gokudera contacts Tsuna and informs him of the Varia's arrival. Knowing about the Varia's power, they see this as a great reinforcement. Suddenly, another explosion is seen from the lake where Ryohei, Basil, Tazaru, Nosaru and Lambo are stationed.

Tazaru and Nosaru's attacks against Kikyo fails, and Kikyo releases his Nuvola Velociraptors. Ryohei, Basil, Tazaru, and Nosaru all struggle to fight them. Lambo gets whacked by a Velociraptor and Tazaru sacrifices his arm to the Velociraptor's jaws to protect Lambo. Ryohei asks Lambo "Don't you want to see Sawada's mama?" Lambo's desire to see Tsuna's mom converts itself into Flame and Lambo summons Gyudon, who immediately goes into Cambio Forma, Lampo's Shield. Lambo's feelings charge themselves up in the shield and are released as Corna Fulmine, piercing and destroying all of the Nuvola Velociraptors with Lightning Flames.

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