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The Simon Rings are special Rings belonging to the Simon Famiglia and are said to be powerful enough to rival the Original Vongola Rings' power. The Flames produced by the Simon Rings are different from the other Rings, as they are called the Dying Will Flames of the Earth. The Simon Rings were discovered buried in Simon Cozzato's grave after the earthquake that transported Tsuna's Family into the present, wrapped in small cloths that contain the Vongola Symbol crossed out with "delitto" (Sin) written on it.

By pouring the "Sin" of Vongola (the first Simon Famiglia's Boss's blood) on the Simon Rings, the Ring is unlocked to display the Simon Famiglia's hidden power and the Rings' users gain weapons. After being unlocked by Sin, the covering on the jewel of the ring dissolves revealing a facet that displays a symbol of their corresponding Dying Will Flame of the Earth. After a week, the Rings fully awaken, undergoing a sudden transformation. However, the Earth Ring's transformation is more gradual, slowly altering the appearance of the person wielding it over the course of the week. This affects the person's mind as well as feeds negative emotions, and eventually controls them. After Demon Spade, the first and second generation Vongola Mist Guardian, escaped from the Vindice Prison, he took six Simon Rings from the Simon Guardians.

When activated, the Simon Ring Weapons all seem to have some resemblance to some form of an arthropod:

  • Enma's Earth Ring Weapon takes the form of gauntlets. While this does not initially appear to resemble an arthropod, the Ring itself is capable of turning into a Japanese rhinoceros beetle that is capable of moving around. The Earth Ring was also shown merging with Tsuna's Ring.
  • Kouyou's Forest Ring Weapon takes the form of gauntlets that appear to have dragonfly wings on the forearms.
  • Large's Mountain Ring takes the form of shell-like armor around his body and a mouth guard. When his Flames are in use, the mouth guard takes the shape of the mandibles of a stag beetle.
  • Shitt P!'s Swamp Ring Weapon takes the form of spider legs on her back.
  • Adelheid's Glacier Ring Weapon takes the form of scythe-like blades on her forearms similar to those of a praying mantis.
  • Kaoru's Ring Weapon takes the form of armor along his arm with a blade at his hand. This bears some resemblance to a bee or wasp of some kind.
  • Julie's Desert Ring Weapon takes the form of what appear to be scorpion claws.



  • Like the Original Vongola Rings the facet of the ring contains a symbol of their Dying Will Flame.
  • It seems that unlike Rings in general, the Simon Rings can be used even if the person does not possesses the same attribute of the rings. Demon Spade was able to use all six of the Simon Rings even though his Flame is Mist.