The Shimon Gauntlets are currently worn and used by the Shimon Family's Tenth Generation Boss, Enma Kozato. When activated, the Earth Shimon Ring transforms into a pair of gauntlets reaching up towards the forearms surrounded by rings of text. When used in a battle, the gauntlets create spheres of dense gravity around opponents; this was first demonstrated by Enma against the Vongola guardians during the inheritance ceremony. The Vongola Guardians were smashed into walls by the intense gravitational field. The gauntlets are not limited in their form of gravity manipulation as Tsuna was simply smashed where he stood as well as against the wall behind him.

Further Upgraded Shimon Gauntlet

After the Shimon rings were up-raded by the Vongola Sin, the Shimon Gauntlets, when used, have notably changed in appearance; on one side of Enma's arm, the gauntlet went further up his arm, extending to his shoulders while forming a wing-like armor on his shoulder. On the other side it changed to have the Shimon family emblem in the center of the back hand. The Gauntlet's abilties of gravitatial manipulation also seem to have increase even further then before, shown during his temporary fight with Tsuna. Also similar to the X-Gloves possessed by Tsuna, they can release flames for propulsion and flight.


  • The Shimon Gauntlet bore the symbol of the Shimon Family, which also resembles the kanji "十", which means "ten" in Japanese to represent Enma's position as the tenth boss of the Shimon Family.
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