The Shimon Gauntlets are currently used by the Shimon Family boss Enma Kozato .When activated,the Shimon Earth Ring releases some kind of writing and transforms into a pair of gauntlets, which reach up to his forearm. When used they seem to allow him to manipulate gravity, he has seen using it to smash his opponents with dense gravity (Enma has used this against the Vongola Guardians when stealing the Vongola Sin). After being upgraded by the Vongola Sin, the Shimon Gauntlet seems to have changed in apperance with the Shimon family emblem in the center of the Gaunlet's back hand. The Gauntlet's also stretch further up his forearm extending up to his shoulder's and forming a wing-like armor on his shoulders.

Also It's abilties of gravitational manipulation seem to have increase even further then before. And similar to the X-Gloves possessed by Tsuna they can flames for propulsion and flight.


  • The Shimon Gauntlet bore the symbol of the Shimon Family which also resembles the kanji "十" which means "ten" in Japanese to represent Enma's position as the tenth boss of the Shimon Family.
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