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This is weapon that use by cozart shimon kozato enma,this is similar with tsuna X glove
{{Infobox equipment
| theme = earth
| image = [[File:Simon Gauntlet.jpg]]
| type = Weapon
| range = Close range
| flame = [[Earth Flame]]
| users =
* [[Enma Kozato]]
* [[Simon Cozzato]]
| manga debut = [[The Culprit|Chapter 296]]
}}The '''Simon Gauntlet''' is a weapon worn and used by the [[Enma Kozato]]. It is the form assumed by the Earth [[Simon Ring]] after it is activated.
== Appearance ==
The Simon Gauntlets are black metal gauntlets covering Enma's forearm. In the back of the hands, it has a red hexagon emblem with a crosshair in the middle, similar to Enma's eyes. It is also surrounded by rings of text.
After the Simon Rings were upgraded by the [[Vongola Sin]], the Simon Gauntlets have changed in appearance. On one side of Enma's arm, the gauntlet went further up his arm, extending to his shoulders while forming a wing-like armor on his shoulder. On the other side, it changed to have the Simon Famiglia emblem on the center of the back hand.
== Description ==
The gauntlets can be used by Enma as a medium to manifest his [[Earth Flame]], creating spheres of dense gravity around opponents. Similar to the [[Tsunayoshi Sawada|Tsuna's]] [[X-Gloves]], the gauntlets can release Flames for propulsion and levitation.
The gauntlet's abilities of gravitatial manipulation increased even further after being upgraded by the Vongola Sin, shown during Enma's temporary fight with Tsuna.
== Gallery ==
Earth Flame.png
Chapter 342 Cover.jpg
== Navigation ==
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