Template:Infobox Mafia Families The Simon Famiglia is a Mafia Famiglia which has had ties with the Vongola Famiglia ever since the founding of their Famiglias; their respective bosses being best friends. However, over time, they've become an extremely small and weak Famiglia, so much so that Reborn, who has an extensive knowledge of the Mafia world, didn't know about them.
Their current members used to attend Simon Middle School, but moved to Namimori due to the Vongola Decimo's Inheritance Ceremony being held there as well as their area being an earthquake-prone zone.


The founders of the Simon Famiglia and the Vongola Famiglia were excellent friends who would never fight each other. During the massive mafia war against a rival mafia family of Vongola, Daemon Spade led Cozarto Simon and his family into a trap where they were cornered by the enemies. Fortunately, Giotto saw through his Mist Guardian's plan and ordered his remaining guardians to save the Simon. To prevent themselves from being a burden to the Vongola, the Simon family members went into hiding and faked their deaths in order to deceive Daemon's eyes. This decision led both families to make an oath with the Vindice that if the two families were to fight against one another, the Vindice would deliver the punishment. The Simon Famiglia isolated themselves in their island from the outside world and never met the Vongola for years.

However, due to Daemon Spade's plotting, the 10th Simon Famiglia generation was led to believe that Giotto had betrayed Cozarto Simon, leaving him and his Famiglia to die. The grudge from this incident was still evident, as the current Simon Famiglia wanted revenge on the Vongola for what had transpired.

The Simon Famiglia don't use the standard Dying Will Flames, which are called the Seven Flames of the Sky, but are the first and only known Famiglia to use the Seven Flames of the Earth, a power said to be able to rival the Seven Flames of the Sky. All seven guardians lost their parents at an early age due to their Famiglia being weakened and being persecuted by other Famiglias.

However, after defeating Daemon Spade, both the Simon and Vongola reconciled, becoming the Vongola's ally once again.

The Ring Holders

The Ring Holders of the Simon Famiglia are the chosen holders of the Simon Rings, its Flames represented by the seven landscape phenomena that make up the Earth: Forest, Mountain, Swamp, Glacier, Desert, and another unknown phenomena. There is only one complete generation known(possibly water), the 10th generation.

Known Members

Primary Members:

Other Members :


  • All the members of the Simon Famiglia have red eyes.


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