Shoichi Irie is the 13th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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As Tsuna, Reborn, Bianchi and Nana Sawada eat breakfast, Lambo arrives and tries to attack Reborn as usual. However, he is sent flying and ends up in Shoichi's house. As Shoichi and his family examines Lambo, they receives a package containing olive oil, pasta noodles, wine, and a wad of bills, as well as a pack of ten year Bazooka ammo for Lambo. Shoichi's mother and sister ask him to take the package back and comment that it should be a man's job to bring Lambo and it back to Reborn's place.

He carries both the package and Lambo back to the residence. When he first gets there, he sees Bianchi sunbathing. He comments on this to his mother over his mother's cellphone and she says they must be foreign celebrities. When Reborn appears, looking nothing like Shoichi had imagined. At that moment Lambo wakes up, and attacks Reborn while still on Shoichi's shoulder, but the attack is once again deflected.

After Lambo passes out from his wound, Shoichi flees, forgetting to leave the package. He relays what he learned to his mom over the phone, but she has been replaced by his sister because his mom couldn't make sense of what he said and decided to go shopping. Lambo again perks up, takes the grenades designated to him, and throws them at Reborn, who deflects the attacks, blowing Lambo up before Shoichi's eyes. When Tsuna appears, his hopes go up because he's a normal person. Then, Lambo blasts himself with the Ten-Year Bazooka not three feet from Shoichi, Bianchi sees Teen Lambo and tries to kill him, but is a horrible shot with a gun, and actually grazes Shoichi. Reborn blasts Tsuna with a Dying Will (Or Deathperation) Shot, and then a shot to both cheeks, or a 'Niramekko Shot,' causing his face to swell up, at which point young Irie passes out. However, Bianchi is 'not in the mood,' and attacks Tsuna with her poison cooking. Shoichi apparently runs back home, with the package, afterwards and have strange nightmares that he feels won't stop until he returns it.

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