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Character Outline


Shoichi Irie (入江正一, Irie Shōichi) was born to Tomoko and Masatsugu Irie. He attends a private school and has an older sister named Akiko. In the present, he is a 13-year-old boy who happens to meet Tsuna and his Family. Because Lambo was bazooka-ed into the Irie family's apartment, the Bovino Famiglia sends him a package of Lambo's stuff and a big amount of money, excusing Lambo for any annoyance that he caused. Not much is shown of him in the present, but in the Future, Shoichi was shown to be in close contact with Byakuran, being watched everywhere he went. He also was at first shown to be a fearful leader as the holder of the Sun Mare Ring. He was the reason why Tsuna, Lal, Gokudera, Yamamoto, and Future Ryohei went to the Merone Base so that they could take him out. After the Base was destroyed, along with the cameras, Shoichi told Tsuna and the gang, which now included Chrome, Kusakabe, Lambo, I-Pin, and Hibari, that he was on their side, and that this was a setup by Future Tsuna along with Future Hibari. Later, he was found out to only be the Fake Sun Funeral Wreath, not the real one.


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Shoichi has red hair and wears glasses, in the present his eyes appear mostly black but in the future they appear to be green. He has a thin build. In his debut appearance, he wore a brown long-sleeved shirt with a thick yellow stripe across the chest and grey trousers over green shoes. While working for Byakuran, he wore the standard white Millefiore uniform.


Shoichi is anxious and has a somewhat bad temper, but is also a strong-willed and loyal person. He's also very cunning and intelligent, being able to perfectly execute the elaborate plans he made with Tsuna's future self, although Byakuran saw through the deception.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

Shoichi's family receives a package after Lambo is bazooka-ed into their apartment. This package includes olive oil, pasta noodles, wine, and a wad of bills, as well as a pack of 10 Year Bazooka ammo for Lambo. Shoichi's mother and sister ask him to take the package back and comment that it should be a man's job to bring Lambo and it back to Reborn's place. He carries both the package and Lambo back to the residence. When he first gets there, he sees Bianchi sunbathing. He comments on this to his mother over his mother's cellphone and she says they must be foreign celebrities. When Reborn appears, looking nothing like Shoichi had imagined. At that moment Lambo wakes up, and attacks Reborn while still on Shoichi's shoulder, but the attack is once again deflected. After Lambo passes out from his wound, Shoichi flees, forgetting to leave the package. He relays what he learned to his mom over the phone, but she has been replaced by his sister because his mom couldn't make sense of what he said and decided to go shopping. Lambo again perks up, takes the grenades designated to him, and throws them at Reborn, who deflects the attacks, blowing Lambo up before Shoichi's eyes. When Tsuna appears, his hopes go up because he's a normal person. Then, Lambo blasts himself with the Ten-Year Bazooka not three feet from Shoichi, Bianchi sees Teen Lambo and tries to kill him, but is a horrible shot with a gun, and actually grazes Shoichi. Reborn blasts Tsuna with a Dying Will (Or Deathperation) Shot, and then a shot to both cheeks, or a 'Niramekko Shot,' causing his face to swell up, at which point young Irie passes out. However, Bianchi is 'not in the mood,' and attacks Tsuna with her poison cooking. Shoichi apparently runs back home, with the package, afterwards and has strange nightmares that he feels won't stop until he returns it.

As he explains in the future, the box had some hidden 10-Year Bazooka shells that Shoichi used to see how his life ended up. He reveals that because he changed the future to make it change to one of the other parallel futures. First, he goes to a future when he's at an engineering college and accidentally runs into Byakuran. He then changes it to where he becomes a musician, his dream job, and meets Byakuran again, giving him his power of connection with all other parallel Byakurans. Then he travels to the future many more times and sees the carnage Byakuran creates, no matter what change Shoichi does. So, he got himself back into the university to befriend Byakuran and erases his past self's memories with a five-year memory timer.

Future Arc

Future Arrival

Future Shoichi along with the Cervello

After first arriving in the Future, Future Gokudera tells Tsuna that after five minutes, he has to go back to the past and kill Shoichi.

Merone Base Invasion

When Tsuna was captured by Spanner, he and Reborn, who appeared as a hologram through Tsuna's headset, resolved for a much more aggressive goal, to capture Shoichi and force him to tell them everything he knew about time travel. However, at the end of the chapter, Shoichi reveals that he worked out a sophisticated plot to get to that point with Vongola X (Future Tsuna) and Future Hibari. He goes on to explain every detail of their plan. Byakuran sends out a hologram to explain that he suspected Shoichi of betrayal for a while, and about his secret elite team, the Real Six Funeral Wreaths. This was after Ryohei was brought to the future to cause the Vongola Rings to protect them all from the base exploding. Afterwards, Shoichi reveals what was really in the White Round Machine: the seven Vongola Guardians, along with the seven Vongola Boxes. Tsuna, after learning the truth, officially accepts him and Spanner into the Vongola.

Choice Arc

Shoichi created choice with Byakuran in college as a game they made to pass the time. He, after siding with the Vongola, worked with Spanner to create their base. He is shown to be participating in Choice as a member of Tsuna's Family.

After the Dying Will Flames of the participants were decided, Shoichi received Byakuran's permission to count himself as a non-ring member. He announced that for the Vongola, Yamamoto and Gokudera would be their Rain and Storm combatants, Tsuna would be their Sky combatant, and himself and Spanner would be their non-ringed combatants. He was also selected by the Gyro Roulette as the Target for the Target Rule game over Spanner. A target reticule then appeared over his heart and his Sun Flame was forcibly drawn out, which caused him to drop to his knees as he cried out in pain. When Tsuna expressed his worry about his condition, he said that he could bear it because he was the one that made Byakuran that way.

He and Spanner supervised and coordinated Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Gokudera from the Vongola base created for Choice as they engaged the enemies. After Tsuna defeated Torikabuto, he wanted to fly straight to Daisy, but Shoichi shot the plan down. He didn't want him to fall prey to a "pincer" attack from the remaining two enemies and instructed Tsuna to continue on on his motorbike. Reborn made note of Shoichi's ability to take the best course of action by analyzing the worst case scenario. With all the decoys destroyed, Kikyo found out his location and flew towards him at incredible speeds.

He activates the laser traps but they prove useless against him. Gokudera met him first, but was outmatched and rendered powerless. After coming face to face with the base, Kikyo attacked. This time, it landed a direct hit and caused injury to both Spanner and him. He tried to make a run for it. Kikyo was able to penetrate his body with a blast of energy (extinguishing his marker in the process). Shoichi survives the attack, and asks if they won or not. Tsuna tells him that they lost, and Shoichi freaks out and demands a rematch Byakuran owed him, but Byakuran denies him. When the Family asks him why he was so adamant about it, he explained to them about his trips to the future and meetings with Byakuran, also somewhat wistfully noting that before he regained his sealed memories by his future self, his university days with Byakuran were one of the best times of his life.

Future Final Battle Arc

After the final battle with Byakuran, he along with other Arcobaleno returned Tsuna and the others to the past with the same machine he used to keep their future selves inside it.
Before Yuni died, she showed images of the future to the people whose future counterparts were involved in the Vongola and Millefiore battle; thus, Shoichi learned everything about the Mafia.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc

After Tsuna returned from the ceremony, he received a letter from Shoichi, telling him that he knew what happened to the future and that he also talked with the Spanner of the present. He also sent Tsuna new gear, made by Spanner, and told him that he and Spanner would soon be coming to Japan to meet them.

The Curse of the Rainbow Arc

Shoichi and Spanner arrive at Yuni's mansion to find a way to counter Team Verde's Reality Illusion Gloves.

After the battle, Shoichi and Daisy use their Sun Flame to treat the injured.

Later, he, Spanner, and Verde create the Decoy Puppet for the Alliance Team to use.

Weapons and Abilities


  • Fake Sun Mare Ring: Shoichi used this to transform Merone Base and control the vegetation to attack intruders. It was destroyed by Byakuran because of his betrayal.
  • Merone Base - The Merone Base is the Millefiore Base in Japan and Shoichi's Box Weapon. The layout of the Merone Base allows the separate rooms to be moved around like a puzzle controlled by Shoichi.
  • Cube - It is a design for a robot without a shape being able to change its shape to whatever it needs to be made by Shoichi and was sent to Spanner. When Spanner's computer crashed, it was launched as an enemy in the Virtual World simulation for Tsuna. When moving, it has many uses, such as lightning beams, homing lasers, barriers, and super speed, all of which can be done by changing into one of the cube's six sides. Reborn seemed to be interested in building it in real life. Spanner said it is possible.


  • He kept the old package from the Bovino Famiglia near his desk.
  • He went to Yumei Private Middle School in Namimori.
  • He ranked 18th in a recent popularity poll, making him the 3rd most popular character in the Future Arc after Spanner and Byakuran.
  • He is a fan of the band Blood & Peppers. Music got him through tough times when he was still working for Byakuran, as stated by himself.
  • Shoichi asleep midway through taking off his clothes

    Shoichi tends to overwork himself, once to the point where he fell asleep midway through undressing.
  • In the future, he is shown to have a level of concern for Lambo.
  • He gets uncontrollable stomach pains when anxious.
  • When he was younger, Shoichi's dream was to become a musician. After his first trip to the future, where he sees that he was studying at an engineering university and had not achieved his dream, he burned all of his textbooks and wrote that 'he would die if he didn't become a musician' on his career papers. When he travelled to the future again, he was a musician in a rundown bar.
  • His mother and sister appeared briefly in his debut chapter, but his father hasn't been seen so far.
  • In the manga, he appears much earlier on, even before some of the main characters were introduced during the Daily Life Arc. In contrast, in the anime, he still appears during the Daily Life Arc before the Future Arc begins.
  • Curiously, he is shown to know G-speak, a language that Gokudera made up in class. This is evidenced by the fact that he wrote the letter that instructed Tsuna to kill him, and Gokudera said that it was in G-speak. It is never explained how or why he knows it, given that Future Gokudera never interacted with him.
  • Shoichi's mother is wary and natural and her hobby is taishogoto (the Nagoya harp). His father is a small business worker who works in middle management while his older sister has a dry personality and recently got a boyfriend.
  • He has the same seiyuu as Chikusa.
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