Shigure Soen Style is the 108th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna is surprised that Yamamoto dodged Squalo's blast. Dino comments that Yamamoto was using the Shigure Soen Style and that it was still rough around the edges, but that he improved a lot over the week. Reborn comments on this, saying that Yamamoto has been training non-stop the past week, and that Yamamoto was a natural-born assassin. Dino says it would be dangerous if Yamamoto kept using the Shigure Soen Style.

After Yamamoto's dodge, Squalo starts his barrage of attacks; in defense, Yamamoto performs Shigure Souen Style's 2nd form, Sakamaku Ame. Squalo questions why Yamamoto didn't attack after his defense, and states he gave up his last chance of wounding him. Yamamoto comments that Squalo talks arrogantly, then states that defense isn't all to the Shigure Souen style. Reborn states there were eight styles in the Shigure Soen; four offensive, four defensive.

After that, Yamamoto begins his attack, using Shigure Souen Style's 5th form, Samidare. Gokudera comments that Yamamoto's attacks weren't bad. Squalo wasn't injured by the attack, Yamamoto being surprised as a result. Squalo asks if that attack was all there is to the Shigure Souen Style, also asking why he used the backside of his sword. Yamamoto states that he wanted to win, not kill someone. Squalo stated that he would make sure he would never be able to open his "conceited" mouth again. Squalo starts his attack again, slashing Yamamoto's shoulder, stating that he already beat Yamamoto's sword style long ago.

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