Setting Out!! is the 66th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna heads home and reluctantly begins to get ready for the raid. He notices that Nana Sawada, Lambo and I-Pin are going through their days peacefully and wonders whether they will be able to return to their carefree days after the war. Just then, Reborn arrives and tells him that that is the very reason that they are going to war. Reborn informs Tsuna that Leon is still in his cocoon state and that he will not be taking part in the war, much to Tsuna's dismay. Reborn then informs Tsuna that he can only shoot the Dying Will Bullet since Tsuna was directly ordered by the Ninth and that there is only one bullet left since Leon is unable to produce more due to his condition. Just then, Yamamoto arrives bringing some sushi and tea, causing Tsuna to think that Yamamoto is there for a road trip. Bianchi then begins to argue with Yamamoto, asking him if her cooking is not good enough for him. Reborn then tells them that Gokudera is waiting outside the house since Bianchi is present. Gokudera is revealed to have been saved by Shamal's mosquito. Tsuna goes to check Gokudera outside his house and tells him that they manage to persuade Bianchi to cover part of her face for him to be able to fight. The group then goes to confront Mukuro Rokudo.

The group arrives at the hideout, Kokuyo Land, and Tsuna recognizes it as the place where his parents used to bring him. Gokudera notices that the door is locked and Bianchi goes and uses her Poison Cooking to melt the lock. As the group explores the place, Reborn tells Tsuna to lead the way since he's been there before. Tsuna remembers being close to an exhibit of Flora and Fauna but couldn't see it. At that moment, the group are attacked by a pack of dogs, however they were revealed to be dead already and are just animated carcasses. Suddenly, a feral figure pounced at Yamamoto knocking him to the ground which caved in. The figure then jumped into the hole after him. Reborn deduced that the Flora and Fauna exhibit had been buried under the dirt below them and that they would be unable to help Yamamoto without the exhibit collapsing around him.

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