The Sereno Gloves are a set of gloves used by Ryohei Sasagawa. They are produced by Canguro del Sereno through its pouch.

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The Sereno Gloves are fingerless gloves with white cloth bearing the crest of the Sun Guardian of the Vongola Famiglia at the back and black leather at the palm. The wrists are black with metal thrusters that can emit Sun Flames.

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The gloves are made from a special type of plant that, when charged with the Sun Flame's Activation characteristic, greatly increases the rate of cell multiplication and regeneration.

The Sereno Gloves possess high-speed healing ability impervious even to the Storm Flame's Disintegration characteristic. Even if Ryohei uses a high powered direct hit attack such as Maximum Cannon, the gloves will immediately heal his hands and repair his cells.

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