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Sepira is the ancestor of Luce, Aria, and Uni and was the founder of the Giglio Nero Famiglia. Like her descendants, she was a shaman who could predict the future.

Character outline[]


Sepira wore the Giglio Nero clothing that her descendants wore as well, which had a big, white, mushroom-shaped hat with half of the emblem of the Giglio Nero on it. It also had a large black bar at the sides, with two orange stripes flanking it. She wore a stiff jacket that had the Giglio Nero emblem emblazoned on the right side of the collar. Additionally, she also had the Giglio Nero emblem tattooed onto her right cheek, like her descendants, though theirs were tattooed on the left. Her hair, from what little can be seen of it, was short and dark.


Not much is known about her but it can be assumed that she liked humans more than Kawahira does, considering that she wanted to coexist with humans and entrusted Giotto, a human, with the Vongola Rings.


Sepira was a member of a species that lived on Earth before humans, that Kawahira briefly referred to as "True Earthling."[1] The mission of their species was to protect the miraculous planet, Earth. And to do so, they had been supporting the Tri-ni-sette. But, the Earthlings had mysteriously been dying out until there were only five of them left. Unable to support its power on their own, the Tri-ni-sette stones were divided into the Arcobaleno Pacifiers so that they could borrow the power of the "new Earthlings": humans, thus creating the Arcobaleno system.

Unfortunately, the Earthlings continued to die until only Sepira and Kawahira remained. So, they broke up the remaining part of the Tri-ni-sette they had into the Mare Rings and the Vongola Rings.

Sepira founded the Giglio Nero Famiglia and kept the Mare Rings to be passed down within her Famiglia. She entrusted the set of Vongola Rings to Giotto, the boss of Vongola Famiglia.

At one point during her time, she and Kawahira had conflicted opinions as she wanted to coexist with humans while Kawahira didn't and so, they parted ways.


  • Mare Rings: Sepira obtained the set of Mare Rings from the original Tri-ni-sette before she founded the Giglio Nero Famiglia and passed them down through the generations of Giglio Nero Bosses.