The Scorpione di Tempesta is a Storm-attribute Insect-type Box Weapon.

Appearance Edit

It is a scorpion fully-colored in dark blue with their tails lit up with Storm Flames.

Plot overview Edit

Bianchi used this Box Weapon during the preparations for the Merone Base invasion. She helped Hayato Gokudera with his training by releasing several of them to act as mobile turrets. At the time, she mentioned to him that his future self could destroy 20 of those in a minute.

Abilities Edit

The Storm Flames that these scorpions blast from their tails can not only instantly pulverize the enemy but also gradually weaken them like a poison. Because of that, at times it can also be used to interrogate an enemy. Also, those same Storm Flames are especially strong on its skin and can reduce nearly 90% of the damage.

  • Scorpion Fire (スコーピオンファイアー, Sukōpion Faiā?)
  • Poison Needle (ポイズンニードル, Poizun Nīdoru?)
  • Death Stalking (デスストーキング, Desu Sutōkingu?)

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