Sakura Viewing is the 43rd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

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It's a good day to go Sakura Viewing and Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto are forced by Bianchi to leave early and find a good spot. They find a perfect spot, but a member of the Namimori Middle Discipline Committee informs them that the place is off limits. Gokudera attacks him, drawing Hibari over. Hibari promptly gives the member a second beating for not keeping people away. While the group contemplates Hibari's actions, Reborn and Dr. Shamal arrive. Reborn proposes that they play a game, with the sakura-viewing spot as the prize. Hibari agrees, saying that the three of them have to take him on individually and if their knee touches the ground, they lose. Yamamoto and Gokudera immediately agree to the rules. Reborn reassures Tsuna that Dr. Shamal is here if anyone gets hurt, but Tsuna knows that he only treats women. Shamal asks Hibari if he has a sister. Irritated, Hibari knocks the doctor out.

Gokudera volunteers to go first and charges at Hibari. Hibari swings his tonfa, but Gokudera dodges the swing. While dodging, Gokudera throws a handful of dynamite in the air and uses his new skill- Bomb Blitz. However, Hibari is revealed to be unharmed when the smoke clears. Hibari counters and makes Gokudera's knees to hit the ground, winning the match. Reborn tells Hibari to stop, but he doesn't listen. Before Hibari's tonfa strikes Gokudera, Yamamoto blocks the attack with his sword, saying that they were now even. Hibari smirks and traps Yamamoto's sword with a hook in his his tonfa, using the opportunity to attack Yamamoto. Yamamoto hits the ground and loses.

Reborn tells Tsuna that it is now his turn, but Tsuna is still scared. Reborn shoots Tsuna with a Dying Will Bullet and lends him Leon, who turns into a duster. During the fight, Hibari says he can't read Tsuna at all, so he would just have to kill him. Before Tsuna beats Hibari, his Dying Will Mode ends. Hibari tries to attack Tsuna, but he suddenly he falls to the ground. Reborn tells the three that Shamal had released a Trident Mosquito and given Hibari Sakura Disorientation Syndrome. Hibari, playing by the rules, leaves just as the girls and Lambo arrive to view the sakura with them.

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