Saburo Shibaki is the youngest of the Three Criminal Brothers. He is very skilled at pickpocketing. Both of his older brothers admire him for his swiftness and fast hands.

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He has brown hair and wears a green top.

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Saburo appeared after the Varia Arc, when one day, he used his skill to steal Nana's wallet on her way to shopping. The next day, he and his brothers saw her again while she was at the shopping area with Tsuna, Bianchi, Lambo, I-Pin, Futa and Reborn, and decided to try and get money from her again. Saburo went first. In the manga, he tried to steal Nana's wallet again but Bianchi whacked her hair into his face, delaying him. In the anime, he was trying to quickly steal her wallet, but he accidentally grabbed Bianchi's python that she had for a Poison Cooking ingredient. Shocked, he fell down. When I-Pin saw him, she thought he was her training doll and used Gyoza-Kempo on him, which sent him flying back to his brothers. That was when he gave up on trying to steal from them again. Later he was chased to prison by Tsuna.

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  • "Saburo" is a name commonly given to the third son in Japan.

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