Ryohei Sasagawa vs. Koyo Aoba is the 304th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Sun Bangle Glow

Ryohei's Bangle lighting up with flames

The battle between Ryohei and Kouyou begins and Ryohei uses his Vongola Gear to summon the newly upgraded Kangaryuu. Ryohei then orders it to go to Cambio Forma and Kangaryuu fuses with him to form Knuckle's Maximum Break. But to the Vongola's surprise, Koyo states that he knows all about the Maximum Break and its flaw of only being able to be used for three minutes. Koyo continues to state that the Simon have had people spying on the Vongola the whole time but refuses to state who and activates his Flame revealing it to be the Forest Flame.

Ryohei states to Koyo that the Maximum Break he is using has been modified to work specifically for him and that the time limit has been removed so he can fight longer than 3 minutes with it. However, Koyo keeps his cool and belittles Ryohei's abilities. The battle then begins. Koyo uses the power of his flame to trap Ryohei in a twister of leaves that is able to cut the enemy like knives. Ryohei is unable to move and Koyo starts attacking him from the outside, breaking his nose in the process. Ryohei is thrown out of the twister and begins to fall to the ground. However, he is able to use his flames to balance himself and land on his feet. Reborn then notices Ryohei's Bangle lighting up with flames. Ryohei charges but is unable to hit Koyo, who continues to overpower him with punches that can't be seen by the naked eye. Koyo then attacks Ryohei one more time and sends him flying towards the barb vine ring. As Ryohei stand up, Koyo charges at him again but is surprised to see Ryohei's bangle's flame lighting up and Ryohei apologizing for keeping him waiting...


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