Ryohei Sasagawa is the 14th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Reborn and Tsuna are walking to school. When Tsuna mentions that he would be late no matter what, Reborn shoots him with his Dying Will Bullet and Tsuna is reborn with the dying will to go to school. As he rushes off to school, he accidentally pulled Ryohei Sasagawa with him. As they arrive at school, Ryohei is inspired by Tsuna's spirit and urged him to join the boxing club. Tsuna initially wants to decline but after seeing Ryohei’s passion and Kyoko’s reaction to her brother’s mood change, he finds it difficult to refuse.

Tsuna later arrives at the gym and is welcomed by Ryohei and Reborn disguised as a Thailand Elder. Tsuna is forced into a sparring match between him and Ryohei. Reborn shoots Ryohei with the Dying Will Bullet and Tsuna is surprised to see that the bullet has no effect on Ryohei as he always lives his life to the limit. Reborn is impressed with Ryohei and shoots Tsuna who is reborn with the dying will to reject the offer to enter the club. The two continues the fight and Ryohei is impressed that Tsuna is able to dodge his attacks. Tsuna manages to defeat Ryohei and Reborn invites Ryohei to the family.

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