Ryohei Sasagawa, 10 Years Later is the 166th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Sypnosis[edit | edit source]

Shoichi Irie knows that there is another Vongola from the past, but he cannot locate the person and thinks what would happen if he doesn't find him before Byakuran. The Cervello then appear, telling Shoichi that he must always have his jacket with him or else the wireless communicator wouldn't work. They tell Shoichi that Glo Xinia was seriously injured in a battle. Shoichi is shocked by what he hears, and the Cervello tells him that Glo Xinia went to Kokuyo Land alone. Shoichi knows who was behind the situation, but suddenly, Byakuran appears through the normal line. They talk about what has happened with Glo Xinia. Then, Shoichi ask Byakuran why he never told him about Kokuyo Land, to which Byakuran replies that he didn't know that either about Kokuyo Land. Shoichi then tells Byakuran that it was dangerous to use this line, and that after when he investigates the situation, he would contact him. At the Vongola base, the Vongola receive a video from Squalo, informing them that "he" is coming to the base. Ryohei then enters, carrying Chrome Dokuro as well. Shoichi goes to the hospital to visit Glo Xinia. However, Glo attempts to communicate via eye signals, telling Shoichi that he found the location of the Vongola base.

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