Ryohei's Right is the 95th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Lussuria tells Ryohei to give up, saying that his punches wouldn't affect him. Ryohei replies that with his left hand, yes, but his right hand is to 'turn around the extreme disadvantage that he has'. Lussuria charges and is punched by Ryohei, but lands safely, stating that if it was a clean hit, he would've been down. However, Ryohei replies that he hit them for sure and the lights were destroyed, allowing him to be able to open his eyes and have a fair fight with Lussuria.

Lussuria was frightened by the power of his fist as it was able to break the lights, but relaxes after seeing that Ryohei shoot salt crystals to do it, as only the first Vongola Sun Guardian was able to release a 'glowing punch'. Lussuria then does the same punch, blowing the salt crystals off of Ryohei's body and destroying more lights. Reborn comments that Lussuria did more than copy the trick as it requires more technique, stating that his power was of varia quality. Colonnello then instructs Ryohei to concentrate the power in his fists more. However, as Ryohei hits Lussuria's knee, even his right fist is injured, blood spurting out. However, Kyoko suddenly arrives along with Hana and encourages Ryohei, motivating Ryohei to punch Lussuria's metal kneecap again, this time obliterating it.

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