Russian Roulette is the 6th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Since Reborn is gone, Tsuna is relaxing and reading some magazines. He decides to take a look at Reborn’s bag to check his weapons. However, as he touches the bag, a handcuff suddenly appears and a guillotine appears and is about to kill Tsuna when Reborn arrives followed by Kyoko. After Tsuna is freed from the guillotine, Reborn tells him that he asked Kyoko to come to pay her back for paying for his coffee. After Reborn pays her, Kyoko expresses her surprise that Reborn is Tsuna’s younger brother. Reborn tries to tell her the truth, but Tsuna stops him, saying that Reborn is his cousin. Reborn chokes Tsuna for touching him while Kyoko happily watches them, thinking that the two are playing. Tsuna’s mother, Nana Sawada then arrives and is surprised to see Kyoko. Misinterpreting their relationship, Nana asks her if it’s hard to have such a no-good boyfriend and leaves before Kyoko can explain herself.

As Tsuna apologizes to Kyoko, Reborn suggests that they play Russian roulette. Tsuna initially declines, thinking that they will be using real bullets, but agrees when Reborn shows them the party bullet. Kyoko volunteers to be first and shots herself with the Dying Will Bullet that Reborn accidentally loaded. As Tsuna hurries to her side, Kyoko is reborn and heads downstairs to confront Nana while Tsuna and Reborn follows with her clothes. Kyoko asks Nana to retract what she said earlier but ends up choking her, leaving Reborn with no choice but to use his Reverse 1 Ton hammer which forces the bullet to come out. Reborn explains to Tsuna the effects of the hammer and tells him that she would think of what happened as a dream.

Later at her house, Kyoko is thinking of her ‘’dream’’ and it’s revealed that she tried to retract Nana saying Tsuna was a no good son. Meanwhile, Tsuna is thinking of the events and keeps saying that he can’t stay alive since Kyoko denies him so much.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The first time a girl is shot with a Deathperation bullet. It confirms that (lucky for Tsuna and the readers) when a girl is reborn, she has her bra on as well and not just her panties.

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