Round Device is the 202nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Reborn asks Spanner if he knows what the round white machine is, to which Spanner replies that Shoichi had meddled in time travel before, and that the machine might be associated with it. Hearing that, Tsuna is even more determined to capture Shoichi, so that he and his Family can return to the past. However, a voice comes from a just-broken down wall, stating that they would die here. Spanner recognizes them as Iris, her Deadly Stem Force, and Ginger Bread. At Shoichi's Box Weapon room, the officer in the control room reveals that Chrome Dokuro and Kusakabe had infiltrated their base, disguised as the Millefiore's reconnaissance squad. Shoichi was shocked by Chrome from ten years ago's presence, but stated that now, it would be easier to gather the Vongola Rings.

At Yamamoto and Genkishi's battle, Yamamoto lies defeated. Genkishi asks Yamamoto for last words, but Yamamoto was too weak to reply. As Genkishi prepares to kill him, Lal Mirch attempts to use her box weapon to pull Yamamoto away, to no avail, as Genkishi cut the Box Weapon. Lal Mirch, too weak to remain conscious, faints. As Genkishi prepares to deal a killing blow for the second time, Hibari and his box weapon in its berserk propagation form burst through the wall. Genkishi questions Hibari's identity, but to no response. Genkishi then states to Hibari that he would have to be killed.

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