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[[File:Rope 3.PNG|thumb]]The Sun Rope is a [[Box Weapon]] used by [[Ryohei]] to bind [[Gokudera]] from moving in his fight with [[Gamma]]. It currently hasn't shown any other uses besides the usual effect of a normal rope.
{{Infobox box weapon
| theme = sun
| name = Rope
| image = [[File:Rope 3.PNG]]
| flame = [[Sun Flame]]
| type = Weapon
| users = [[Ryohei Sasagawa]]
| anime debut = [[Lightning, Return|Episode 113]]
| manga debut = [[Vs. Gamma|Chapter 190]]
The '''Sun Rope''' is a [[Sun Flame|Sun-attribute]] [[Box Weapon]] used by [[Ryohei Sasagawa]].
== Description ==
{{Box Weapons}}
Once out of its box, the Rope automatically restrains the target, be it an opponent or ally. It currently hasn't shown any other uses besides binding an opponent. Ryohei noted that its strength was many times that of a normal rope thanks to the strength of the [[Sun Flame]].
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