Rondine di Pioggia, nicknamed as Koziro, is a Rain-attribute Bird-type Box Weapon owned by Takeshi Yamamoto.

Abilities Edit

Because of the Tranquility characteristic of the Rain Flame, the Rondine di Pioggia is effective in both offense and defense. Its Flames are can be used to extinguish the opponents' Flames and or provide camouflage.

It can also induce precipitation by using the moisture in the atmosphere.

It is capable of high-speed flight, and, because all its abilities but strength are high, it is a Box Weapon that conceals exceedingly advanced three-dimensional fighting abilities.

  • Waves (, Nami?)
  • Rain Shield ((ピオッジャ)シールド, Piojja (Ame) Shīrudo?)
  • Concentrated Downpour (集中豪雨, Shūchū Gōu?)
  • Assault (突撃, Totsugeki?)
  • Pecking (つつき, Tsutsuki?)

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Trivia Edit

  • The choice of a swallow for Yamamoto's Box Weapon most likely draws from the fact that the kanji that represents the bird is part of his fighting style's name, the Shigure Soen Ryu.


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