Character Outline

Romeo was Bianchi's ex-boyfriend who died due to food poisoning, Bianchi's Poison Cooking. Before Bianchi broke up with him, they had a horrible relationship, and every time Bianchi thinks of him, she gets upset and angry.


He looks similar to Future Lambo with only a few minor differences, such as having blue eyes whereas Lambo has green eyes. His left eye is often closed, whereas Lambo has his right eye closed, also Future Lambo has a tattoo beneath his eye whereas Romeo doesn't. It is because their appearances are so similar that whenever Bianchi sees Future Lambo, she confuses him with Romeo and always tries to kill him. He wore a necklace.

Plot Overview

Daily Life Arc

During Tsuna's test of courage, Romeo's ghost shows up and pretends to be Future Lambo. He leads Tsuna to a magic gate, after which he reveals his real aim - to take revenge on Bianchi and hurt everyone that ever associated with her. When the real Future Lambo arrives, Romeo reveals his true identity and is attacked by Future Lambo, only to become stronger. He then begins dragging both Tsuna and Future Lambo into the 'gate of death', but is attacked by Bianchi, who defeats him with her Poison Cooking, because Bianchi believed Future Lambo was Romeo's clone, and was also attacked.


  • Romeo has the same birthday as Lambo.
  • Romeo has the same seiyu as the future Lambo, Spanner, and Lampo.
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