Template:Character Romario is a Member of the Chiavorone Famiglia and the right hand man of Dino. He is first seen in Episode 8 in the anime and Chapter 27 in the manga when Dino was tutoring Hibari and he became fast friends with Kusakabe.


  • Romario is almost always the subordinate the Dino has around to stop him from being so clumsy, this is most likely attributed to him being the right hand man.
  • Romario and Kusakabe seem to share a friendship, this is probably because Dino and Hibari constantly train with each other.
  • Romario and Dino trained so that now, Romario or one of Dino's subordinates can now be 1km away from him without him being clumsy, it is shown that this still needs training as Dino still falls down the stairs when Romario is mere meters away.
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