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The Revolving Chain is a weapon used by the Fantoma team. It was first used against Future Hibari while he was protecting the Vongola Base from the Millefiore. Its use is complicated and requires teamwork. Even though only one Phantom uses the chain, all of the Phantoms take action.

First, the first Phantom opens four metal boxes attached to the back side of his belt, each containing a chain that quickly comes out and extends around an enemy. The chains' edges are covered in Sun Flames. Even then, the four chains keep spinning around the enemy at high speeds, forming many circles. Then, one of the Phantoms grabs and pulls the chains so as to shrink their length and trap the enemy in the middle while the chains form a very stable and thick cocoon of chains. While the enemy is trapped inside, the rest of the Phantoms attack from above by piercing through the chains with their weapons.

When Future Hibari was trapped inside the Revolving Chain, he managed to escape, however, by activating his Cloud Hedgehog's Needle Sphere.


  • It is unknown if the rest of the metal boxes of the Phantoms all contain Revolving Chains.
  • The high speed or even the extension of the chains might be an effect of the Sun Flames at the edges.