Revised is the 130th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna prepares to use his Zero Point Breakthrough: Revised, but Xanxus kicks him forcefully before he can use it. While Tsuna is flying through the air, Xanxus shoots him with one of his Dying Will Guns. Xanxus taunts Tsuna for not being able to protect himself after taking so much damage and uses his Bocciolo di Fiamma technique. Tsuna lies on the ground helplessly while Xanxus barrages him with his Flame. Tsuna gives Xanxus a determined look, and Xanxus notes that Tsuna's eyes are the "same as the senile old fart's at that time".

Xanxus, furious, fires his Colpo d'Addio at Tsuna, who takes the full force of the attack. As Xanxus prepares to finish him off, Tsuna emerges from the explosion and attacks Xanxus, his speed and Sky Flame's power the same level as Xanxus'. As Xanxus unleashes his Martello di Fiamma, a field surrounds Tsuna and he simply absorbs the entire Dying Will Flame barrage and turns it into his own power. Tsuna clashes with Xanxus and smashes him with his fist, sending Xanxus flying into a building. Meanwhile, Hibari saves Yamamoto, saying that Yamamoto would "mess up the discipline if he died on school grounds" and that he should "go outside if he wants to die". Elsewhere, Gokudera saves Ryohei and Lussuria. Gokudera gives Lambo to Ryohei, and Ryohei gives Gokudera the Sun and Lightning Vongola Rings in return. Back at Tsuna's fight, Xanxus is completely enraged, glaring at Tsuna while scars appear on his face.

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