Rematch is the 247th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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With Kojirou fused with his sword, Yamamoto readies himself to fight Genkishi. Genkishi finally recognizes Yamamoto's strength and decides to go at full power. However, he loses his mind to the Hell Ring and starts blurting out thoughts in his mind about wanting to be the real Mist Funeral Wreath. Byakuran calmly laughs at the simple-mindedness of Genkishi and how easy he was to manipulate.

Genkishi charges at Yamamoto, using a new technique where he slashes and produces missiles that home in on his opponent- Danza Spettro Spada. Yamamoto uses his defensive 4th Shigure Soen Ryu Form - May Wind, October Rain- which allows him to evade the attacks at incredible speed, making him invisible to the naked eye.

Squalo explains to the others that Yamamoto is actually synchronizing with the enemy's breathing and propelling himself with his Vongola Box Weapon's power so that the missiles would never hit him. Genkishi then multiplies the number of his attacks and unleashes his Extra Danza Spettro Spada. Yamamoto counters with another technique that combines all the Shigure Soen Forms- Jiunoka. Yamamoto then charges into the missiles, and slows down every single one with the Tranquility abiliry of his Rain Flames.

Genkishi tries to look for Yamamoto, but is trapped within his slow attacks and also notices that he slowed down as Yamamoto charges towards him. Yamamoto accepted that he was defeated by Genkishi before, but he proves that the sword style that was passed down to him from his father is flawless and finishes the battle with his offensive 8th Form: Pouring Rain.

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