Reunion is the 330th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Tsuna and his Guardians arrive at the castle where Enma is. Nuts breaks off running into the castle, the gang then chases after him only to find him knocking on a door. They peek inside to see somebody sitting on a throne, Yamamoto and Gokudera do not immediately recognize him but Tsuna tells them that it's Enma. Nuts again breaks off, running towards Enma, but as Enma mutters "must... kill..." Nuts screeches to a stop and Tsuna steps in to comfort him. Tsuna attempts to tell Enma there is no reason to fight, as Primo never betrayed Cozzato, but Enma doesn't seem to hear him.

The gang then realizes that the only way to reach Enma is to use force, but Tsuna says he'll do it by himself. Yamamoto and Gokudera tell him to be careful and Hibari arrives saying Enma is his prey, but he can accept it if Tsuna is killed first. Then Tsuna goes into Hyper Dying Will Mode and charges at Enma. Enma releases several huge spheres and Tsuna is sucked towards them. Reborn says Enma probably controls gravity, and that the spheres have as much gravity as a star. As Tsuna breaks free from one of the spheres they begin to shatter. Gokudera says that when a star is crushed by its own gravity it becomes a black hole, and soon the spheres become black holes, confirming his suspicions. Tsuna has trouble escaping, and even at full power he has trouble escaping. He shouts that Enma shouldn’t underestimate him, and that he is a different person since when they first met. He then tells Nuts to activate his Cambio Forma...

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