Reunion is the 262nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Yamamoto, Bianchi, Spanner and Giannini decide to leave in order to check on Squalo and the base. Bianchi tells the girls to look after Uni when Lambo tries to go out and play, only to be pulled back by Gokudera. The four then leave as Tsuna feels something strange. After the four left, Chrome Dokuro and Uni sense some enemies and Gokudera, Basil and Ryohei go to the door to ready themselves for battle.

However, it is revealed that Torikabuto infiltrated the base as Lambo and hides the real Lambo asleep under the sofa. He grabs Uni and goes to his comrades outside. Kikyo orders Torikabuto to leave with Uni as Bluebell attacks with her Rain Sea Shells, which cause an explosion. As Torikabuto tries to escape with Uni, he is attacked by Gamma, who rescues Uni just as Nosaru and Tazaru arrive. Torikabuto recovers and charges for Uni, injuring Tazaru and Nosaru in the process. Gamma tries to attack, but Torikabuto easily deflects his attacks and continues to charge. Just as Torikabuto closes in, Tsuna jumps into the air, ready to fight and protect Uni.

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