Reunion is the 142nd chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Tsuna and his friends are attacked by the Millefiore Famiglia's Black Spell. Future Yamamoto tells them to remove the Mammon Chains from their Vongola Rings and get ready for the upcoming battle. Adult Lambo and Adult I-Pin are seen protecting themselves against the ambush. Nosaru shoots a burst of Storm Flames from his scythe and goes in to finish Lambo and I-Pin off. Yamamoto blocks Nosaru's onslaught with his Shigure Kintoki and goes straight into a Rain Flame enhanced Shigure Soen Ryu move: Shinotsuku Ame!

Future Haru appears and is relieved to see them. As Nosaru shoots another jet of Dying Will Flames at them, Yamamoto makes a shield with his Water Box Weapon. Yamamoto starts his assault. Yamamoto also explains to Tsuna and Gokudera that Box Weapons work with Wave Energy, Dying Will Flames and Rings. Yamamoto distracts Nosaru with his bird Box Weapon while Tsuna goes to look for Future Kyoko, who has disappeared in the battle. Tsuna starts to worry if she is okay. Kyoko thanks Tsuna for finding her. Tsuna wonders why Kyoko called him Tsu-kun, Kyoko reveals she sprained her ankle, and that it brings back memories of when they were younger.

Suddenly Tazaru arrives. Tsuna says he will defend Kyoko. Back outside of the warehouse, Yamamoto is suddenly switched with his past self in the middle of the battle along with Haru, Kyoko, Lambo, and I-Pin much to Tsuna and Gokudera's shock.


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