Template:Chapter InfoboxA Favor is the three hundred and fifthy-first chapter of Reborn! By Akira Amano


Reborn awakes from his dream, much to everyone's worry. Bianchi hugs and asks Reborn is he all right. Reborn asks does he said anything in his sleep but Bianchi answers that she didn't hear a thing. As Tsuna about to go to shcool, Reborn smiles at him and says that he have a favor to ask for. Tsuna thinks that Reborn is up to something no good that make him must do something terrible. This scares him and Tsuna quickly goes off to school as he says to ask someone else. Once Tsuna runs away, Bianchi wonders who he got his cowardice from. Reborn thinks of Nana and Iemitsu never runs away from problems, unlike Tsuna and then thinks that an Arcobaleno will go to Iemitsu's place. In CEDEF headquarters, Iemitsu sneezes as he asks Lal is there any rumor abour spies or assasins, which Lal replies that it was probbaly only a Japan Family and suggests him to go back to Japan quickly before Tsuna forgets him completely, making Iemitsu thinks of Tsuna and Nana. Basil and Oregano enters and informs there's an Arcobaleno that wants to meet him, that reveals to be Colonello who has a favor to ask. In Varia headquarters, Mammon asks Xanxus for a favor and much to his surprise, Xanxus knew that it was about Arcobaleno but it depends on the subject matter. In Kokuyo Land, an Arcobaleno asks a favor to Mukuro and Mukuro asks what he should do. In riverbank, Enma looks around for cats that usually waiting for him for food and then finds them already eats. Skull reveals himself and demands help from Simon family for his favor in return for feeding the cat. Seeing the pacifier like Reborn, Enma recognizes him as Arcobaleno. Fon stands in a lamp post and wonders who he could ask favor for. After school, back at Tsuna's house, Tsuna was surprises to find the entire Cavallone Family gathers in front of his house and approaches by Dino and Romario who were called by Reborn for a favor too. Reborn finally tells them that the favor he asks them to do is to fight for him.

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