Rematch is the 369th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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After wishing Tsuna luck in his endeavors, Byakuran falls to the ground, heavily wounded and his boss Rainbow Wristwatch destroyed. A mechanical voice announces Team Uni's defeat, yet Tsuna still rushes to fight Iemitsu to avenge Byakuran, stating to Iemitsu that he would never forgive him. Mukuro, meanwhile, realizes that there was no merit in remaining at the battlefield any longer, and prepares to leave with Fran. Fran, however, has a fever, so Mukuro picks him up. Gokudera and Yamamoto try to stop him, but Mukuro swiftly disappears, hence Gokudera and Yamamoto opt to return to Tsuna's side, though he is 5 km away. Yamamoto, though, spots a bicycle.

Meanwhile, Tsuna is rushing towards Iemitsu. Iemitsu tells Colonnello to leave this to him and to save his un-cursed time, and Colonnello states, "Present, stop" and wishes Iemitsu luck. Tsuna punches Iemitsu into the ground, but the latter kicks the former, sending him hurtling back. Iemitsu comments to Tsuna that he hadn't improved at all, but Tsuna, enraged, tells him to shut up and slams him into the ground again. However, Iemitsu appears to be unfazed and slams Tsuna into the ground next to him. Tsuna wonders, in his pain, why he still couldn't beat Iemitsu. Tsuna recalls how Iemitsu left him and Nana in their house all alone, how he, when he returned, would only sleep or talk about useless stuff. Iemitsu, now sitting beside Tsuna, apathetically states that it was boring fighting with him.

Tsuna exits Hyper Dying Will Mode and questions Iemitsu if he was insulting him. Lal Mirch notes that since Tsuna's exited Hyper Dying Will Mode, his willpower and energy had collapsed. Iemitsu, meanwhile, doesn't respond and Tsuna asks him, angrier than before. Iemitsu still doesn't respond and tells Tsuna to take of his boss watch so that he could destroy it. Tsuna refuses, so Iemitsu lifts a boulder and hurls it at Tsuna. Colonnello and Lal Mirch shout out that it was going to crush Tsuna. However, Tsuna is saved by Reborn in the nick of time, who was in his curse-released time. Reborn shoots the boulder and destroys it into letters, spelling out the word "C-H-A-O-S", and they land around Tsuna. Iemitsu appears to be shocked, and Lal Mirch and Colonnello chorus in unison that there was only one person who could pull off a feat like that. Reborn, in his curse-released form, stands before them, with his hat shading his eyes. However, Lal Mirch addresses Reborn as "Chaos", confusing Tsuna. Reborn looks at Tsuna with hard eyes and tells him that it was lesson time.

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