Relieving Everyone is the 59th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

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The episode picks up where the previous one left; with Hibari having just knocked the Storm Ring out of Belphegor's grasp and up to where the immobilized Gokudera lies, much to the surprise of everyone except Reborn. The Cervello express their shock and doubt at Hibari having knocked over the Cloud pole on his own, as the Death Heater poison should be strong enough to tranquilize an elephant. Reborn however explains that it is because of Hibari's absolute refusal to be contained, how he fights independently and on his terms, which is precisely why he was chosen as Tsuna's Cloud guardian. Bel does not take kindly to Hibari doubting his genius and begins throwing his knives, but Hibari easily knocks them away.

Elsewhere, Levi has cured himself thanks to Xanxus previously blasting away the Lightning pole and immediately searches for the still injured Lambo. Levi prepares to blast the unconscious Lightning guardian with his Levi Volta but is interrupted by Gokudera, having received the antidote thanks to Hibari and the Storm ring. Gokudera proclaims he won't allow Levi to cause a distraction while Tsuna and Xanxus battle it out for the Sky Ring. Gokudera manages to goad Levi into fully opening all of his parabolas to hit him with a Levi Volta, allowing Gokudera to destroy them all using his new Rocket Bomb technique before also blasting away Levi and rescuing Lambo.

Xanxus, unimpressed with Levi's result, launches himself into the sky using his Dying Will Guns to continue his fight with Tsuna, with the two repeatedly clashing in the sky with their flames. Hibari continues to trade blows with Bel, with Hibari having a perfect read on Bel's standard knife attack, the Varia member decides to increase the number of knives and trap Hibari using his wires. The plan appears to succeed, with Hibari being caught unaware by the wires and getting cut numerous times, but he quickly catches some of the knives and figures out Bel's technique and immediately says hes become bored by the fight.

Bel With His Knives

Bel's Cutting Knives Waltz

Bel attempts to finish him off using his Cutting Knives Waltz, but Hibari knocks away both the knives and the wires trapping him with his Tonfa's Double Chains. Bel, realising the danger he is in, decides to run off and free the other Varia members from their poison, Hibari proclaims that his bark is worse than his bite, but ends up having to lean against the school to rest due to his injuries.

The episode closes with the Sky battle heating up, with Xanxus scoring an apparent direct hit with his Scoppio d'Ira on Tsuna's back, knocking him to the ground to the concern of the spectators. Reborn however reveals that Tsuna was saved by the clothes he's wearing, created by Leon to be more durable than usual towards Dying Will Flames in order to protect him. In retaliation, Tsuna prepares to unleash a special technique.

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