Regret is the 180th chapter of Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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Lal Mirch uses her Pacifier to enhance her power. At the Vongola base, Reborn's pacifier starts glowing, as well as Colonnello's pacifier that Lal Mirch entrusted to them. Reborn concludes that it was due to Lal using her power. At Lal Mirch and Ginger Bread's battle, Lal Mirch orders Ginger Bread to withdraw his insult to Colonnello or die. Ginger Bread remains calm with a mild smile on his face, replying that once he snapped his fingers, his spiders would burst out of Lal Mirch's body and tear her apart.

However, as Ginger Bread snaps his fingers, spiders don't burst out from Lal Mirch's body, much to Ginger Bread's shock and panic. Lal Mirch explains that due to an incomplete transformation of the Arcobaleno, which resulted in her corrupted pacifier, she can use Rain flames, thus nullifying the spider's Sun activation power. Lal Mirch sadly states that it was because of Colonnello that she continued living, and that after he died, all she could feel was regret. They then trade blows; however, Lal Mirch hugs Ginger Bread and wraps her box weapon around him. She angrily states that Ginger Bread could either take back his insult at Colonnello or die. Ginger Bread refuses, causing Lal Mirch to pierce her centipede through him. However, Ginger Bread's body explodes, Lal Mirch shielding her body with Zamza at the last moment. Lal Mirch, however, states to the other Vongola that Ginger wasn't defeated yet. As the dust clears, Ginger Bread's "body" was revealed to be a doll. Suddenly, the alarm sounds.

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