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List of userboxes Edit

Characters Edit

Arcobaleno Edit

Yuni icon Userbox supports the 10th Giglio Nero boss, Uni.
Reborn icon Ciaossu! Userbox supports the Sun Arcobaleno, Reborn.
Adult Reborn icon Chaos! Userbox supports the World's Strongest Hitman, Reborn.
Fon icon Userbox supports the Storm Arcobaleno, Fon.
Verde icon Greetings. Userbox supports the Lightning Arcobaleno, Verde.
Colonnello icon Kora! Userbox supports the Rain Arcobaleno, Colonnello.
Lal Mirch icon Listen up! Userbox supports the harsh taskmaster, Lal Mirch!
Viper icon Muu. Time is money and Userbox owes Mammon their support.
Skull icon Userbox supports the Cloud Arcobaleno, the Great Skull-sama!
{{Uni support}}
{{Reborn support}}
{{Adult Reborn support}}
{{fon support}}
{{Verde support}}
{{colonnello support}}
{{lal mirch support}}
{{Viper support}}
{{skull support}}

Vongola 10th generation Edit

Tsunayoshi Sawada icon Hieee!! Userbox supports the Vongola Decimo, Tsunayoshi Sawada!
Hayato Gokudera icon Userbox supports Gokudera's ambition to be a true right-hand man.
Ryohei Sasagawa icon EXTREEEME! Userbox extremely supports Ryohei Sasagawa!
Lambo icon Gyahahaha! Userbox supports the troublemaking gremlin, Lambo-sama!
Takeshi Yamamoto icon Haha! Userbox supports baseball idiot, Takeshi Yamamoto.
Mukuro Rokudo icon Kufufufu... Userbox supports the pineapple-head, Mukuro Rokudo.
Chrome Dokuro icon Ano... Userbox supports and loves Chrome and would never leave her behind.
Kyoya Hibari icon Userbox is a member of Hibari's Disciplinary Committee.
{{Tsuna support}}
{{Gokudera support}}
{{Ryohei support}}
{{lambo support}}
{{Yamamoto support}}
{{Mukuro support}}
{{Chrome support}}
{{Hibari support}}

Simon 10th generation Edit

Enma icon Userbox knows his potential and supports Enma Kozato.
Adelheid icon Userbox supports the cool and passionate Adelheid Suzuki.
P. Shitt icon Call me Shittopi-chan! Userbox supports the eccentric Shitt P!.
{{Enma support}}
{{Adelheid support}}
{{Shitt P! support}}

Varia Edit

Xanxus icon Userbox is trash for the Varia boss, Xanxus.
Belphegor icon Shishishishi! Userbox supports the Varia's "Prince the Ripper," Belphegor.
Superbi Squalo icon Voi! Userbox supports the Varia Sword Emperor, Squalo!
Flan icon Userbox supports Fran who just got stabbed in the head... again...
{{xanxus support}}
{{bel support}}
{{Squalo support}}
{{Flan support}}

Vongola 1st generation Edit

Giotto icon Thank Primo! Userbox supports the first Vongola boss, Giotto.
Daemon Spade icon Nufufufu... Only Demon Spade can see through Userbox's illusions.
Alaude icon Userbox will be arrested by Alaudi and is ok with that.
{{Giotto support}}
{{Daemon support}}
{{Alaude support}}

Misc. Edit

Byakuran icon Hm~🎵 Userbox supports the megalomaniacal boss of the Gesso Famiglia, Byakuran.
Dino icon It's Bucking Horse! Userbox supports fratello Dino.
Bianchi icon It's all for love! Userbox supports Poison Scorpion Bianchi! ❤
Leon icon Userbox supports the world's best animal partner, Leon!
I-Pin icon Userbox supports the wonderful I-Pin.
Spanner icon Lollipop? Userbox supports the robot loving, Spanner.
Haru icon Hahi! Userbox supports the fantastic Haru Miura!
Basil icon Userbox supports CEDEF agent, Basilicum.
Kyoko Sasagawa icon Userbox is a fan of the kind and popular Kyoko Sasagawa.
Shamal icon Hello lovely ladies~! ❤️Userbox supports Doctor Shamal.
Kawahira icon Userbox understands necessity for the greater good; supports Kawahira.
Hibird icon The green that trails Namimori~ 🎶 Userbox relates to Hibird the most.
{{byakuran support}}
{{dino support}}
{{bianchi support}}
{{leon support}}
{{i-Pin support}}
{{spanner support}}
{{haru support}}
{{basil support}}
{{kyoko support}}
{{shamal support}}
{{kawahira support}}
{{hibird support}}

Miscellaneous Edit

Userbox watches out for vandalism.
Future Arc B
Userbox watches the Reborn! anime.
User manga
Userbox reads the Reborn! manga.
{{{1}}} Userbox is {{{1}}} years old.
Userbox is female.
Userbox is male.
en Userbox is a native speaker of English.
en-5 Userbox is able to contribute with a professional level of English.
fr-2 Userbox sait contribuer avec un niveau intermédiaire de français.
zh-4 該用戶能以Userbox中文進行交流。
Chrome browser
Userbox contributes using Google Chrome.
Firefox browser
Userbox contributes using Mozilla Firefox.
{{User anime}}
{{User manga}}
{{Age box}}
{{User female}}
{{User male}}
{{User en}}
{{User en5}}
{{User fr2}}
{{User zh4}}
{{User chrome}}
{{User firefox}}

Admin only Edit

These are for Wiki admins only.

Vongola Emblem 2
Userbox is a Reborn Wiki bureaucrat.
Vongola Symbol
Userbox is a Reborn Wiki admin.
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