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Here are some of the things you may help us with. If you have a question or a suggestion, please feel free to discuss it in the discussion page. Once a job listed here is done, do not delete it and please use <s></s> to strike over it instead.

Reborn Wiki

  • Create A New Logo or Wordart as they call it now. Dimensions: 250x65 pixels. Need ASAP.
  • Changing the skin to a more Rebornish theme.
  • Redesign the Main Page.
    • Re-redesign the main page to suit the Oasis skin.
  • Adding a header graphic.
  • Updating the background.
  • Updating wiki colors (optional).
  • Creating an extensive Manual of Style.
    • Create Basic rules
  • Set up the Archive tool.

Page creation

  • Create Pages for all Characters, even minor ones.
  • Create pages for all Weapons & Techniques, again, even minor ones.
  • Create pages for all Character songs.
  • Create a List of characters page.
  • Create Namimori Middle School page with story, characters, etc. sections.
  • Create missing Games pages and adding it to Template:Navbox video games.
  • Create missing Battles pages and adding it to Template:Navbox battles.
  • Create a Timeline / History / Chronology, etc. page.
  • Create pages about the production company, production staff, director, etc.
  • Creating voice actor articles with Wikipedia links, official websites (anything but Facebook), etc.
  • Creating a parent page for Reborn Concerts.
    • Creating other missing Reborn Concerts.
  • Create missing Katekyō Hitman Reborn! Secret Bullet chapter pages.
  • Create missing Vongola Grand Prix Arrives! chapter pages.
  • Create article on "Reboraji!," the Reborn radio show.
  • Create location pages for some families with their homes, e.g. Sawada household, Irie household (?), etc.
  • Create article on Reborn! Nendoroid figures. Reference here.
  • Other figures too?
  • Create 'Appearances' subpages for every character.

Page management


  • Replacing [[Image:filename]] with [[File:filename]] (optional but removes 1 byte ;) ).
  • Replacing full-length audio files with audio samples and adding copyright templates.
  • Marking useless files and duplicates for deletion. Use {{Delete|<reason>}}.
  • Emptying Special:UnusedVideos.
  • Emptying Special:UnusedFiles.
    • and other Special:Unused~ pages.
  • Emptying Special:UncategorizedFiles.
  • Adding image/fair use templates.
  • Adding copyright templates to ALL files.
    • Adding copyright templates to ALL images.
    • Adding copyright templates to ALL videos.
    • Adding copyright templates to ALL audio files.
  • Replacing images of translated manga with raw Japanese images.


  • Adding styles and templates for a tabbed-like navigation.
    • Removing <tabber> sections altogether, as it causes issues to mobile users. See here.
    • Creating a new lyrics template.
  • Updating the {{Fairuse}} template with other fair use types.
  • Emptying Special:Nonportableinfoboxes.
  • Create a better lyrics template. (current one does not scroll horizontally on mobile)