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This page is for requesting sysop/admin rights. Currently, we are not looking for more admins. However, if you think you have contributed a tremendous amount and deserve adminship, request the rights below. Each request will be reviewed, and an answer given.

Adminship requirements Edit

Although some of these qualities are not mandatory, an admin should have these traits, which will give them a better chance of getting admin rights:

  • Being very active and contributing much to the wiki
  • Having had contributed to the wiki for at least 2 months
  • 1,000+ edits, but at least 650 must be mainspace
  • Being helpful towards other users
  • Having no history of blocks or serious warnings
  • Watching out for vandalism and enforcing wiki policies
  • Being courteous to other users
  • Good English is preferred, but not mandatory
  • 4 other active contributors who will support your promotion
  • Constant activity, or at least an acceptable amount after becoming admin. Failure to be active will result in a revoke.
    • Similarly, if your behavior is not befitting of an admin: harsh in blocks, warnings, and such, your promotion will be reconsidered.

Not everyone will become an admin, in order to keep order and balance in the wiki; please understand this. An admin is not a boss of the wiki; he or she is simply there to help the wiki function more smoothly, and mostly for maintenance and cleanup purposes, so don't feel bad if your request is denied.

Requirements for nominating Edit

  • 100+ mainspace edits
  • At least 2 weeks on the wiki
  • Having no history of blocks or serious warnings
  • Your vote cannot be biased
  • A reason for your vote

Request process Edit

To request rights, leave a message under a heading of your username. Give an explanation of why you should be considered for adminship, and make sure to sign your posts.

When a nomination is complete, send the request to the archives located here.

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