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Whew... First community post in a long time... 9 months? Pressure, pressure. Anyway, I want to discuss the possibility of creating specific groups that have an orientation for their edits; for example, if there was to be a group called the "Referencing Mafia" or something, the members of that Mafia would work to reference the various articles. I'll need to talk about that in the discussion page for adding it on to the To Do List as well. Also, in the Mafia, there would be a Mafia Boss and a Right-Hand man to supervise the Mafia and make sure everything is going smoothly. If there are a lot of users in one Mafia, we could even create a "Boss and Guardians" theme in the Mafia, as well as the Flames, which would be pretty cool... But anyways, the main purpose of, say, the "Referencing Mafia"'s members would be to reference. The Mafia would be headed by a Mafia Boss, assisted by his right hand man/woman, and Guardians if there are a lot of members. We could have a "mission board" of sorts, where members could request the Mafia Boss to add a mission to the board, where any member could do the job. Maybe we could add a reward for completing the job, provided it's checked over by the Mafia Boss, of course, and then the person who has to most missions completed/most amount of reward money (points?) collected could be given the... "Referencing Guild" Mafia member of the month award? A promotion? Maybe even a temporary one? I think, that with my above idea, we could clearly separate the users of the wikia into certain jobs, getting certain areas that are lacking done quicker. OK, so to recap, in a Mafia, there is a:

  • Mafia Boss
  • Right hand man/woman

The mafia's purpose is to complete missions of certain areas, such as referencing, uploading high quality pictures, or manga summaries. The member who completes the most jobs or collects the most points for the mission in the month will receive the "[insert mafia name here]" Mafia member of the month award/a promotion/a temporary promotion. So, as I stated earlier, with these groups, we could get certain lacking areas of the wikia filled up quickly, so the problems of the wikia or things on the To Do List would be solved more quickly then users just floating around doing whatever they want. Let me know what you think. —   ChaosVoid      14:48, September 10, 2011 (UTC)

So...I kind of like the idea and kind of don't. One: we don't have THAT many people/regulars. okay a few but not enough for a group in my opinion. Two: I believe the boss should already be an admin for we are the ones w/ the most power minus bureaucrats (which only two are). Three: Won't this be confusing? Having an admin sky boss then adding another Sky boss to the wikia, with hardly any "rights." Maybe just that people will go to the wrong person for certain tasks. Fourth: The idea of "points" and thinks wouldn't be fair. Certain jobs takes MORE work then others. like uploading pics/manga scans, is easier way of getting points then actually ADDING in summaries. Get what I'm saying? pics are easier to upload therefore more points be rewarded to that person. Actually this could go for any area. Fifth: honestly, we have enough groups, with our rollback subs & second admins. I thought that was the point of admins & rollbackers. I'm not saying everyone is doing a poor job, i have too since i went on hiatus for a long time (though at least checked the wikia every day); however, going back to one, we just don't have enough active members in my opinion that ACTUALLY stay here for a while. As you can see, even some of our admins are inactive for a long time, or not here often. I'm not saying this is a bad idea just that there needs to be a lot of thought and organization to be put into this idea. I also think that if we do get people, eventually new things wear out thus soon people will drop it. This is just my opinion now. Free Floating at Will - Cloud ♠ Chrome9669 02:13, September 12, 2011 (UTC)
Yeah, I understand... So, in response to your arguments... One: Yeah, that could be a problem. Anyway, this is just an idea to be considered, maybe to be taken into effect when we get more users, if we ever do? Two: Yes, definitely an admin. Three: However, it doesn't necessarily have to have a Flame; we could just put it as "Mafia Boss". We could also additionally state in the article that those Mafia Bosses, if not admins or soon-to-be admins that are ordinary contributors/rollbacks, shouldn't be contacted for questions, then listing a link to the list of admins. Four: I don't mean that each mission gets the same amount of points; harder jobs get more points, while easier jobs get less. Of course, ridiculously easy jobs shouldn't be listed on the mission board and should just be eliminated quietly, with no reward...? Maybe. Five: Yeah, that seems to be the strongest discouraging factor in creating these groups. However, we could make these groups somewhat discreet, such as stating in community messages that "we have several groups specifically orientated to tackle certain lacking areas of the wiki", and we could put it as a message in the "community" tab thing above every article. Responding to your last point, I do agree that new aspects wear out after a while... I think the only reason adminship and rollback status is so popular is because it grants you more power; whether we like to admit it or not, we are power-hungry, so this idea that doesn't really give people more power will turn away less motivated contributors, which are only motivated by getting positions of power, not actually helping the wiki, which is what these groups are for. All in all, I agree with point 1, 2, partially 3, and 5, which is, lol, 70% of your opinions. Anyway, if someone could think of a better idea then I've thought of now that can suit our limited contributor thing as well as the motivation aspect, we could make this idea successful. Otherwise, I think that my idea, whose negative points were sharply pointed out by Chrome9669, should only stay as an idea. Although, if someone could think of something that could counter all of Chrome's negative aspects, please suggest it. Thanks... —   ChaosVoid      09:19, September 12, 2011 (UTC)
There is one thing I could suggest...Although I really hate the very idea of it, I could activate "Badges" for this site. I had it disabled to start with, cause I absolutely despise it, but if it's me against everyone, I'll activate it again.
If your not sure what I'm talking about, please see this. ..AlienGamer (UserpageTalk)

09:25, September 12, 2011 (UTC)

Hey, I was just being honest. When you have an idea, it's best to point out the negatives so you do know what to fix about it. Normally, i hate negatives but this called for negative responses; otherwise, it wouldn't be an idea.

@AG yeah...i really don't like the badges idea. After you described the issues/problems that could happen, I'm not looking forward to activate if not necessary. Free Floating at Will - Cloud ♠ Chrome9669 10:44, September 12, 2011 (UTC)

@Chrome Ah, don't take it the wrong way, I wasn't resentful about your comments, I actually appreciated them. I mean, the only reason someone submits an idea is because they think it's good, and you pointing out the bad aspects was really an eye-opener to me, so thank you for that.
@AlienGamer Yeah, I agree with Chrome... I haven't read that issues/problems thing, but I think that it would be pointless, and it has a flaw as well; if it has an overall edit, someone could only edit on talk pages and get a bunch of badges. Plus, it encourages editing for achievements, not actually helping the wiki; we need contributors that help the wiki because they want to make the site better. —   ChaosVoid      11:01, September 12, 2011 (UTC)

Ah...i'm sorry then. I thought you were a little mad at me for pointing out negatives. >.< Anyway, I honestly don't see us getting extremely popular until the anime comes back. When the anime was going on, MAJOR activity from almost all the second gen admins. actually over half? (I know AG, Ridiculous, & I came near the same time as well as xSawadax being here...and all four-three of us helped and took this wikia far). That's just my opinion for more activity here~ Oh the problems/issues were mainly worrying on pointless edits (something grammatical/punctuation being slightly off) and yea...i never really thought of talk pages counting...hmmm, interesting. Free Floating at Will - Cloud ♠ Chrome9669 22:28, September 12, 2011 (UTC)


I've noticed that on other wikis, main characters (and sometimes minor characters) have quotations on their pages. I was considering the idea of having quotations on the character pages here. For example, Reborn's would be "Ciaossu" (or Chaos), Hibari's would be "Kamikorosu", and Ryohei... well, you can probably guess. Any thoughts? GXSG -{▒▒▒} 02:14, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

Good idea; I think we've had this discussion before though. Don't remember if my opinion will change or not but the thing about quotations is that they'd have to be well known and not just the funny ones, otherwise our quotes will be extremely long. For the most part, KHR quotes are seemingly one word or words. I'm pretty much neutral in if it's done or not. Fiamma di Armonia ♥ Chrome9669 02:28, August 22, 2012 (UTC)
I like the idea, but my idea of quotations isn't to put a catchphrase up on the top of the page; rather, an actual sentence quote. Catchphrases would be nice, but the purpose of having a quote is to define the character in the article's belief or to show the kind of person they are. Problem is, quotes from main characters are always the same BS about not giving up, protecting their friends, and so on. We'll have to filter through those to find some good ones. ChaosVoid 02:47, August 22, 2012 (UTC)
Neutral. It'll have to be regulated though, so that not just about every random line is put in. ..AlienGamer (UserpageTalk) 04:54, August 22, 2012 (UTC)
Hmm... I kinda like the idea, but the characters' quotes are already in their character outline. A better idea would be Chaos' idea which is finding good quotes instead of putting quotes that the main characters always say because anyone who watches Reborn! knows what the main characters' quotes are so it would be better to put good and different quotes in the character's page. XSawadaX Talk 06:35, August 22, 2012 (UTC)
To me, catchphrases are still quotes because they are said by the character and nothing will change that. The main issue with this would be what is considered a good quote. Going off of Chaos's issue, it's true. We are going to have a lot of wanting to protect the ones I love, especially Tsuna here. Another issue would be the consideration of a good quote. Should they be funny? Rememberable? A lot of remember-able quotes are ones fans know by heart or are predictable. For example, "I don't want to be Vongola Decimio." Tsuna says this constantly so do we want it in the section, considering that if we put catchphrases in there or not. Another issue I thought of is translation. Should we go by anime or manga? They might have slight variations of the quote and what about translations? In the anime, different groups might translate different and it'd be a real hassle to "Find that quote" in Crunchyroll subs or Viz subs. How will we regulate that? —This is an unsigned comment made by Chrome9669 (talkcontribs) 18:56, August 22, 2012‎. Please sign your posts with "~~~~".

(Reset indent) One thought of mine I forgot to mention was the incredible hassle it is to find a good quote. Out of almost 400 manga chapters and 300 episodes, does anyone have the patience and time to do this? School's starting, so those that are still in school will be busier; this thing might get pushed back. As for regulating different translations... I didn't know Reborn existed when the anime was still going, so I can't offer any input about that, but I was thinking that the quotes have to be mangastream when possible (IES was taken down), and to offer a link to the manga page in which the quote is said. ChaosVoid 12:58, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

I'm thinking that we just pick one quotation per character. I've come up with a rough idea of how the quotation should appear:
"Mukuro... if I don't defeat you, I can't die in peace!"
Tsunayoshi Sawada source
Then, we could put the quotation right above the character outline.
As for finding quotations, I think we should designate an administrator's sandbox as a place to add possible quotations. After we find suitable and agreed-on quotations for all of the main characters (which is going to take a while) we can divide the task of adding quotations to the respective pages. Sound good? GXSG -{▒▒▒} 15:51, August 22, 2012 (UTC)

To Chaos's sub thought, actually it was 203 episodes plus an OVA. :D Anyway, I agree with him. This would be pushed back for a long time. I don't know about any of you, but I take school seriously (I don't even hang with friends). For me, if I'm spending a weekend on Reborn, I'm going to do easier/lighter/needs to be done projects instead of searching through and watching hundreds of episodes for quotes. Does any admin want the job anyway? It's different when an admin wants it and can devote some time to doing the project. I think it would have been better if we started out doing quotes but adding them now, to me, would be brutal torture to one admin. (Let's face it. Most likely only one admin is going to pitch in and actually work on the project at hand.)
Almost forgot. Chaos, there are a few different groups that subbed KHR. Crunchyroll has some licenses to it and I say some because, if I remember correctly, another more official website released the anime subs as well (it's been a while it may have only been a one time thing). Anyway, shouldn't we go through Viz translations first? I mean, even if you hate the company and their translations, they did allow the first 16 volumes to be released officially. They do have the official rights; therefore, should be entitled to quotes from the Daily Life to early Future Arc. Besides, you really shouldn't complain about quality if you never bought them. Buying shows them that they should change things, which they have been known to do if the manga was popular but not buying them shows them that it's a waste of their time. This is why they never got past volume 16. No fanbase was shown; therefore, they weren't obligated/wanted to please fans better to fix things. Although, I'll admit, the volumes I have are a very good replica of the anime. So, it's up to you and what you think there. Fiamma di Armonia ♥ Chrome9669 19:28, August 22, 2012 (UTC)
I actually had thought about it once, but kept forgetting to ask about it. I like the idea and I think we should put it. I agree with GXSG's suggestion about how to decide the quotations. Frost190 (talk) 02:56, August 23, 2012 (UTC)
So what's the final vote just curious...?
AND I FOUND THE LINKS :D here is where Viz subbed the anime. Should this be counted as the "official" source since Viz holds all licence to Reborn? I haven't fully checked out an episode but so far things looks the same old like Crunchyroll. Fiamma di Armonia ♥ Chrome9669 21:18, September 3, 2012 (UTC)
I wouldn't recommend using Viz for one reason. All their stuff is only available in the US. Meaning that only "American" users can make the "official" edits. Since this is a wikia for everyone, its better to use a source thats available to everyone, i.e CrunchyRoll. ..AlienGamer (UserpageTalk) 02:02, September 4, 2012 (UTC)
You're wrong on that. Viz distributed through all Americas and Europe. I'm pretty sure their site ain't blocked every where in the entire world but I'll admit that they do cater more to the English language period. Does it really matter? To say that means, we'd be going against a licensed company that owns all rights to Reborn. Not only that, but I'm pretty sure fansubs vs their subs are the same, even the same story line. Just because an American country owns the rights doesn't make it "only Americans can edit." It's like right now. There's Brit English that most countries use and then there's American English. I have noticed that for most editing purposes, we've used more of a mix of American English. Even if this is a "fansite," shouldn't we live up to the purpose and say it's for anything officially Reborn? Fiamma di Armonia ♥ Chrome9669 03:17, September 4, 2012 (UTC)
Nope, I'm not wrong. As you can see from this image, its available only in the US. In addition, i'm not up for changing our sources all the time, and making mass changes based on that.
But my main reason is still, that Viz is only available in the US. Our fan base is larger than that.
"Just because an American country owns the rights doesn't make it "only Americans can edit.""- I didn't mean it like that. I meant, that since the content is only available in America, only American viewers could make the "official" edits. ..AlienGamer (UserpageTalk) 04:00, September 4, 2012 (UTC)

(Reset indent) My mistake then. I thought you meant redistribution as in product wise not internet access wise. But I do disagree that it'd take mass edits. We don't host videos of any episodes nor list each and every source. Also, I wouldn't still say only USA due to Europe not being in the USA. I think both sources are most likely credible, unless Viz decided to change the entire series, but I do understand where are you coming from. Still, in my opinion, since I believe both Crunchyroll and Viz haven't done anything drastic to the series as a whole, that both would be a credible source. But if we want to keep it our main source, that's fine. It was just another place and with licensing. I do think we should mention, at least in our about or whatever, that Viz does hold all licensing to the series. Fiamma di Armonia ♥ Chrome9669 19:08, September 4, 2012 (UTC)

Yup, in our About and wherever necessary, we could put in the Viz part, but I'm against adding our content (character pages, manga/episode guides, etc) based on it, since like I said, only those in America has access to those. Some of their series are available in Europe, but not Reborn, for Reborn, its solely in the US. ..AlienGamer (UserpageTalk) 11:36, September 5, 2012 (UTC)
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