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The Manual of Style of Reborn Wiki is used to give the uniform ideas of how to write articles, serving as a guideline that is used for keeping articles organized and in a similar fashion. The Manual of Style only covers content guidelines and writing styles; for an explanation on article structure and usage of tags in pages, please see Article Outline. Also, it only covers Reborn! series; for a more detailed guide, please see Wikipedia's Manual of Style. For general editing help, please see Editing. Please do not do any reorganization and cleanup of wikitext on the wiki unless you are fixing things to follow this style guideline.

Writing style

  • Articles should be written in a neutral point of view and not refer to the reader or viewer when talking about events. With the exception of the Trivia section, phrases like "in Chapter 23" or "in the Varia arc" should be kept out of sentences.
  • Keep the tenses of articles/sections consistent.
    • Use past tense to describe flashbacks and events that happen prior to the series' plot.
    • All other sections of an article, including chapter summaries, should be written in present tense, to describe plot and events as it happens.
  • Articles should be independent of any point in the series, it should not be required that pages be update every time a new event happens in the timeline simply because articles were written from the perspective of someone reading on the latest chapter.
    • If you use the word "current" anywhere in a phrase to refer to something, you likely wrote it the wrong way.
  • The wiki uses westernized names. i.e "Shoichi Irie" instead of "Irie Shoichi."
  • The wiki uses modified Hepburn romanization as its style, as detailed in Wikipedia's guidelines. Page titles for media with an official Japanese name but no official English name use a romanization of the Japanese in its names. In these cases, katakana transliterations should use the original word (e.g. "Vongola" instead of "Vongore" in Katekyō Hitman Reborn! DS Vongola Shiki Taisen Battle Sugoroku). These titles should follow the English rules of Title Case.


The only kinds of wikitext formatting to be used within articles are bold thickened text and italics slanted text. These are used in two specific purposes.

  • Bold text ('''bolded''') is used for the first mention of an article's name on the article, and the alternate names it uses.
  • Italic text (''italicized'') is always used when referring to the titles of any published media. Any time Katekyō Hitman Reborn! is referred to, it is italicized. Foreign words are also often italicized.
  • Linking ([[link]] or [[page link|link text]])) should be used the first time a term is referred to on the page.


  • If information is debatable, please take it to the talk page before implementing. No speculation or fan theories.


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