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The Article Outline is the guide to structuring articles on Reborn Wiki. This will cover different types of articles, and the usage of headers, formatting, templates and standard page layouts.

Introduction Edit

The opening sections contain a few tags and some brief beginnings to a page. Note, that a lot of tags and details will end up appearing throughout the article, but become immediately relevant prior to the main article body.

  1. An mbox may be included at the very top of an article. An example of these would be {{spoiler}}. This is to indicate a problem with the article, or to alert other users of its status.
  2. Infoboxes are used to portray a summary of facts, vital information on a subject, or information which lacks a better place in the article. Facts that are not found within the series should only be included if they can be sourced. The main image can be a character model render, a screenshot, a photo or logo, or an artwork, and should be the one representing the subject best. Infoboxes are not required on all articles, but if an infobox is added, then it will go straight below mboxes such as {{stub}}. Infoboxes must be created with a specific purpose in mind, and will use an infobox template such as {{infobox character}} or {{infobox organization}}. Any links contained in infoboxes can be repeated throughout the article.
  3. Articles should begin with bold text of the name, as seen at the beginning of this page. The rest of the introduction should give a brief outline on the subject, and can be only a few sentences or two/three paragraphs.

Body Edit

The body of an article is its main content. This will differ greatly based on the type of articles. Headers should be used to detail the content below the introduction.

Closing content Edit

Closing content is contained below the main body of an article.

  • Image galleries section should also be created when a number of images in a section clutter the layout. Images should also be used with a caption to describe each of the images it contains.
  • A Trivia section will contain bullet-point lists of interesting facts about the subject. This could contain popular references or fun facts that do not fit within the article. Trivia may only contain notable information, although the notability can be dealt with on case-by-case basis.
  • External links sections should link to relevant pages on important fansites, Wikipedia, or the Google Play/App Store respective links.
  • References should only contain the <references /> tag. If any information needed to be sourced, this is always included as the very last thing.
  • The final content on a page, {{navbox}} templates are used. Any specific feature strongly relevant to the article will be included.
  • Categories and interwiki links are the final things added to a page, but do not make up its content.

Specific layouts Edit

The layouts of specific pages vary on the type of page. This will include specific information on the body of the articles.

Character Edit

If applicable, character pages should begin with a meaningful quote by the character. All character articles follow the same format general format. The {{infobox character}} should be used.

  • Character Outline - In here goes:
    • Personality - Information on the character's personality.
    • Appearance - Information on the character's general appearance
    • History - Historical and background information on the character.
  • Plot Overview - The role a character played in the story, with subheadings separating each arc and sub-arc. In the case of game-only characters, the subheadings should be the game they appeared in.
  • Relationships - A summary of the relationship a character has with another character. NOTE: Only mention characters with which the main character has had a worthwhile relationship with.
  • Abilities and Weapons - A list of any Technique/Special Ability/Weapons the character can use.
  • Appearances in other media - Hidden Novel Series, games, or any other appearance.

Character galleriesEdit

Split into further subsections depending on how many images there are. Most gallery pages will not have as many subsections.

  • Anime
    • Promotional and production
    • REBORN X ēlDLIVE 24H
  • Merchandise
    • Albums
    • Trading cards
    • Video games
    • Other

Box Weapon / Box Animal / Creature Edit

These pages should have a brief description of what they are, including the sections:

  • The corresponding infobox
  • Weapon/Animal Outline
    • Appearance
    • Personality (if applicable)
  • Abilities

Volumes Edit

On the infobox of a volume page, the original Japanese cover should be used with the gallery heading "Jacket cover" and the actual front cover should be second with the heading "Front cover". Then:

  • The Infobox should be {{infobox volume}}.
  • The "Synopsis" of the volume.
  • "Chapters" with a list of chapters.
  • The "Author's note".
  • "Volume art" should include the first image in the volume and the table of contents title image, which is different in every volume. Then, preferably every original doodle, extra art that wasn't included in the original publication in Shonen Jump.

The following is optional depending on the contents of the volume, but should adhere the order:

  • "Omake" with a brief summary of the short stories.
  • "Haru's HaruHaru Interview"
    • "# Interview: Character name"
  • "Reader's Hideout" (written out as Dokusha no Ajito) is the only fanart section for a number of volumes. In the instances where there are multiple fanart sections, use the heading "Reader submissions" followed by subheadings of the various fanart section titles in the order presented in the volume. The fanart pages have commentary from characters. Include any notable trivia in each section.

Under that:

  • "Characters introduced", a list of characters introduced in the volume.
  • "Navigation" with the template {{Chapters & Volumes}}.

Chapters Edit

On the infobox of a chapter page, the raw (Japanese) cover of the chapter should be used. Do not use English (not even the official Viz version) or Chinese (taken from websites like Ishuhui) covers. The cover page of a chapter is the one that has the chapter title on it, not necessarily the first page. Then:

  • The Infobox should be {{infobox chapter}}.
  • The summary or synopsis of the chapter.
  • A list of characters who appear in the chapter using {{scroll box}}
  • Trivia and/or brief bullet points of possible pop culture references and actual scientific, cultural, or historic facts.
  • Navbox of the specific arc.

Battles Edit

The Battle pages should have a summary of what happened and the aftermath of it.

  • The Infobox should be {{Infobox battle}}
  • Prelude
  • Summary
  • Aftermath
  • Trivia
  • References
  • Navbox

Organizations / Mafia families Edit

These pages should have a summary of the history of the group, a list of battles that happened with the group, a list of members in the group.

  • The Infobox should be {{infobox organization}}
  • History
  • Plot Overview
  • Members
  • Trivia
  • References
  • Navbox

Abilities / Techniques Edit

These pages should have a description of what it does and how it is done.

Story Arcs Edit

The Story Arc pages should have a short summary of the arc and the following headings should be used in order:

  • The Infobox should be {{infobox arc}}
  • Plot Overview - with notable events in subheadings.
  • Battles - events or battles that transpired during the arc.
  • Manga and anime differences
  • References
  • Navigation


Appearances pages are subpages of a character's page. A section should only exist if there's content for that section.

  • Manga
    • Special chapters
  • Anime
  • OVA & specials
  • Openings
  • Closings
  • Light novels
  • Drama CDs
  • Video games
  • Other appearances

Navigation Edit

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