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'''Here Comes Reborn!''' ''(リボーン来る!, Reborn Kuru!)'' is the first volume of the [[Katekyō Hitman Reborn!]] manga.
{{Infobox volume
| name = Reborn Arrives!
| image = <gallery>Volume 1.png|Jacket cover
Volume 01 inside.png|Front cover
| kanji = リボーン来る!
| romaji = Reborn kuru!
| jp release = October 4, 2004
| en release = October 3, 2006
| catalog # = ISBN 978-4-0887-3680-8<br/>ISBN 978-1-4215-0671-5
| next = [[Many Arrives!]]
| volume = 1
'''Reborn Arrives!''' is the first volume of the ''[[Katekyo Hitman Reborn!]]'' series.
== Synopsis ==
Infant [[Reborn]] is a hitman for the [[Mafia]]. He is sent to Japan to train teenager [[Tsunayoshi Sawada]] so that he can become the next boss of the most powerful Mafia group, the [[Vongola Famiglia]]. Tsuna considers himself a loser until Reborn shoots him with the [[Dying Will Bullet]]. This makes him stronger physically and mentally, allowing him to perform amazing feats. He is eventually able to become friendly with his crush, [[Kyoko Sasagawa]], and befriends baseball player [[Takeshi Yamamoto]] after stopping him from committing suicide. As part of his training, he begins meeting members of the Mafia, who have mixed reactions to him. Dynamite expert [[Hayato Gokudera]] initially wishes to kill the boy, but later strives to become his right-hand man. Another infant assassin, [[Lambo]], introduces himself by trying to kill Reborn, but instead starts living with them.
== Volume art ==
*The Guy From Italy ''(イタリアからやってきたアイツ, Itaria Kara Yattekita aitsu)''
*The Dethpenatration Shot Won't Work ''(死ぬ気弾使用不能, Shinu Ki Dan Shiyō funō)''
vol 01 inside illustration.jpg|Volume illustration
*Hayato Gokudera ''(獄寺 隼人, Gokudera Hayato)''
vol 01 toc.png|Table of Contents
*Expulsion Crisis ''(退学クライシス, Taigaku Kuraishisu)''
*Takeshi Yamamoto ''(山本 武, Yamamoto Takeshi)''
*Russian Roulette ''(ロシアンルーレット, Roshian Rūretto)''
== Author's note ==
*Crybaby Lambo ''(泣き虫ランボ, Nakimushi Ranbo)''
{| border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="0" style="width:100%; text-align:center; font-size:100%;" class="article-table"
! colspan="2"|Author's note
|width="15%"|[[File:Vol 01 author note.png|120px]]
|Hello! Thanks to everyone's support Reborn has been collected into a comic! I'm very happy! Thank you very much!! Even though in this manga a lot of troublesome fellows show up, they are the first this author is presenting. So now, please enjoy yourself!
== Chapters ==
* Chapter 001: [[That Guy From Italy]] {{Japanese|イタリアからやってきたアイツ|Itaria kara yattekita aitsu}}
* Chapter 002: [[Dying Will Bullet Unusable]] {{Japanese|死ぬ気弾使用不能|Shinuki-dan shiyō funō}}
* Chapter 003: [[Hayato Gokudera (chapter)|Hayato Gokudera]] {{Japanese|獄寺 隼人|Gokudera Hayato}}
* Chapter 004: [[Expulsion Crisis (chapter)|Expulsion Crisis]] {{Japanese|退学クライシス|Taigaku kuraishisu}}
* Chapter 005: [[Takeshi Yamamoto (chapter)|Takeshi Yamamoto]] {{Japanese|山本 武|Yamamoto Takeshi}}
* Chapter 006: [[Russian Roulette]] {{Japanese|ロシアンルーレット|Roshian Rūretto}}
* Chapter 007: [[Crybaby Lambo]] {{Japanese|泣き虫ランボ|Nakimushi Ranbo}}
=== Chapter Extras ===
Volume 1 - chapter extra 1.jpg|Reborn sleeping
Volume 1 - chapter extra 2.jpg|Reborn's full-face smile
Volume 1 - chapter extra 3.jpg|Charred bullies
Volume 1 - chapter extra 4.jpg|Gokudera's high grades
Volume 1 - chapter extra 5.jpg|Tsuna putting on clothes
Volume 1 - chapter extra 6.jpg|Kyoko waking up
== Characters Introduced ==
* [[Reborn]]
* [[Tsunayoshi Sawada]]
* [[Kyoko Sasagawa]]
* [[Hana Kurokawa]]
* [[Kensuke Mochida]]
* [[Nana Sawada]]
* [[Hayato Gokudera]]
* [[Nezu Dohachiro]]
* [[Takeshi Yamamoto]]
* [[Lambo]]
== Navigation ==
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