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*His most attracting features are his sideburns, as stated by Luce.
*His most attracting features are his sideburns, as stated by Luce.
*In the Reborn! Fandom, his letter is R.
*He sleeps with his eyes open, as does his pet chameleon Leon.
*He sleeps with his eyes open, as does his pet chameleon Leon.

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Character Outline

Adult And Infant Reborn

Reborn before and after he turned into an Arcobaleno

Reborn is the baby Home Tutor of Tsunayoshi Sawada, and whenever he greets someone, he says "Ciaossu", a casual male greeting of Japanese and Italian that combines Ciao and Ossu. He wears a black fedora with a thick Orange stripe running across the sides of the cone. He has black eyes and wears an all black suit with black boots and a purple dress shirt underneath. His Adult size form however, wears an orange dress shirt. He is always seen with his pet Chameleon Leon on the brim of his hat, along with his Yellow Arcobaleno Pacifier. Reborn's Dying Will Flame is of the Sun Attribute. Out of all the Arcobaleno, He is the strongest. It was revealed in a flashback that Reborn initially showed anger towards the Arcobaleno curse; however, after a period of exile, he came to accept it, asking Shamal to "erase" his old self.

Plot Overview

Reborn mostly takes a mentoring back seat in the Arcs, rather than the direct fighting. However, he can be accredited with helping his pupils achieve much higher levels and gain new, more powerful attacks.

Daily Life Arc

As seen in Daily Arc, he is shown wearing many costumes and appear in his many hideouts. He is a known celebrity in Mafia Land.

Kokuyo Arc

List Countdown

Before he learns of the seriousness of the attacks, Reborn, along with Nana encourages Tsuna to learn how to defend himself. But when the he and Tsuna visit the hospital after Ryohei falls prey, he discovers the watch, and Leon's tail falls off, the severity hits him. He reads Tsuna the letter he received from the 9th, and opts to gather a group to do battle with Mukuro's Gang.

Kokuyo Land Invasion

Bianchi, Takeshi, and Hayato join Reborn and Tsuna as they begin their offensive. During Takeshi's bout with Ken, he kicks Tsuna into the Botanical dome because he expressed concern over Takeshi. He helps the two out of hole after Takeshi wins the fight, and accompanies the group to a rest area, where he sleeps through the encounters with M.M. and Birds.

When Reborn awakens, Tsuna runs off to go and pursue Fuuta, and the rest of the group stays behind to take on the next killer. Who turns out to be the Fake Mukuro. When Gokudera is temporarily incapacitated by Shamal's Trident Mosquito side effects, he watches as Takeshi takes on the Fake Mukuro. He and Takeshi simultaneously figure out and reveal the trick the Steel Serpent Ball. But it wasn't enough for his future pupil to win. As Bianchi steps to the plate to fight next, and is nearly pulverized, Reborn shoots Tsuna with the final Dying Will Bullet just before he catches the weapon. Reborn looks on as Tsuna takes the win, and as Lanchia reveals that Mukuro is really still up ahead.

Mukuro Face-off

Reborn is forced to condone leaving Gokudera behind to take on Chikusa, and supplies Tsuna with the whip Dino gave him. He mainly observes as Tsuna frees Fuuta from possession, and gains his new X-Gloves to battle with Mukuro. Only intervening when Tsuna panics in the midst of the fight and he has to talk some sense into him.

Varia Arc

Reborn, during the down time between Ring Battles, trains Tsuna on how to use the Dying Will Zero Point Breakthrough in order to take on and defeat Xanxus. However, when Hibari returns from training after the Hayato's Storm Ring Battle, to bite everyone-Varia and Tsuna's Family-to death. Reborn placates him by promising that he may be able to battle Mukuro again, which greatly pleases Hibari. For the remainder of the Arc, Reborn has a mainly static role of training, and commenting. He lastly shoots Tsuna at the start of the fight when Xanxus tries to gain a cheap shot before the match starts, and watches as his Family proves victorious in the Sky Battle.

Future Arc

Arrival & The Search for the Strongest

Actual Reborn

Reborn's true appearance silhouetted

Reborn is the first to be transported to the future and trapped there. It is not yet revealed how he found his way to the Vongola Headquarters, but he is next seen greeting Tsuna and Gokudera as they arrive there with Lal Mirch though has to wear a special suit to keep from being killed by the anti Tri-ni-set radiation that Byakuran is pumping into the atmosphere. The anti Tri-ni-set radiation affects Arcobaleno severely, paralysing their movement and kills them slowly, it does not seem to have an effect on normal people. Reborn reveals to Tsuna that he needs to gather all 7 of his guardians to do battle with Byakuran's forces. Reborn doesn't venture out of the base at all during this plotline due to the radiation. He does however help Tsuna with his training after he returns with Kyoko, Haru, I-Pin, Lambo, and the Yamamoto from 10 years ago by getting Tsuna to realize what his true goals are, which was to "protect everybody", not "to return to the past".

Melone Base Invasion

Reborn appears after Tsuna is captured by Spanner, as a hologram projected by Tsuna's headphones, and witness to Spanner instructing Tsuna on how to use the contacts to perfect his X-Burner. He remains with Tsuna for the rest of the invasion, and gets Giannini to program a holographic distraction during Tsuna's fight with Genkishi. When Shoichi Irie reveals that he is an ally of the Vongola, Reborn believes him, mostly because he answered the questions that Reborn had being thinking about since he was sent to the future.

Arcobaleno Trials Arc

As Tsuna and his Family are sent back to the past, Reborn tells them the few Abilities and characteristics of the Arcobaleno. He also remembers that the current Sky Arcobaleno is missing, which may become a predicament for Tsuna in the Future Trials. He also reminded Tsuna that he is also an Arcobaleno in which he says that he would not hold back during the trial.
Tsuna Defeated

Tsuna defeated by Reborn

During Reborn's Arcobaleno Trial, he informs Tsuna that his Trial was a seven-on-one, all-out battle with him, and that all six of the Guardians, including Lambo, were to participate. He knocks out Tsuna and takes down Hibari, Chrome, Ryohei, Gokudera, and Yamamoto. When Tsuna finally comes to, the sleeping Lambo is the only one who was in a good condition.
Reborn's seal

Reborn giving Tsuna his last and 7th Seal

Tsuna at first does not want to fight Reborn, but Reborn tells him that he's still "too soft" and that his fallen comrades are his responsibility. Tsuna finally accepts this and enters the Hyper Dying Will State and fights Reborn. Reborn allowed himself to be beaten into a wall but Tsuna stops as he is about to use his X-Burner and gets shot down by Reborn's Chaos Shot who said "I cannot pass a person not fit to be Boss."

He gets captured by Verde, along with all the other Arcobaleno besides Aria, using a variation of Non Tri-Ni-Sette waves, which only paralyzes them, as opposed to outright killing them. After Verde's trial, he was asked for a second chance at his trial by Tsuna, but he said that it wasn't necessary. He states that they completed it in their fight with Verde.

Choice Arc

To prepare for "Choice", the war game that Byakuran is making the Vongola Guardians play, Reborn asks Shoichi to explain the rules. While he finds the game tasteless, he has great faith technicians to come up with solutions for the problems they will be facing. One of their solutions, was to make the Guardians ride Motorbikes for extra mobility. When explaining to Tsuna how to ride, he instructs Tsuna to pop the clutch without Tsuna realizing. Reborn's reasoning is that Tsuna should get the worst parts over first, that is his tutoring method.

When Dino arrives at the Vongola Headquaters and assigns the Guardians their tutors, Reborn assumes the role of "Tutor Fairy", mostly likely only so he can discipline Dino if he makes any mistakes.

Reborn is present during Yamamoto and Hibari joining the group in the moments before Choice begins. He sees them all unleash their Vongola Boxes and generate twice the amount of FVs needed to transport them-a whopping 10 million. He is engulfed in a beam of light along with everyone else present.

He wakes up in the Lightning Field that Tsuna selected, and listens as Byakuran explains the rules of Choice more clearly. Reborn, along with the rest of those chosen to sit out of the first battle, relocate to the Vongola Audience Stalls to watch the battle of Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Shoichi, and Spanner for the Vongola versus Kikyo, Saru, Torikabuto, and Daisy for the Millefiore under the Target Rule.

Later, he protects Yuni from Byakuran by shooting him, saying that if he lays a finger on the leader of the Arcobaleno Boss, he won't sit there and watch.

Inheritance Succession Arc

Ryohei Paired With Reborn

Reborn paired with Ryohei

Seeing that Tsuna and the others need to become stronger, Reborn arranges to have them sent back to the past. While in the past Reborn gathers the other Arcobaleno to train Tsuna and his friends. He is also the one who explains to them that they will be tested by Vongola Primo's Guardian. Reborn will train Ryohei, as they both have the Sun Flames.

Weapons and Abilities

  • Reborn Costumes - He likes to wear different Costumes for spying purposes.
  • Leon - A shapeshifting chameleon and Reborn's main Weapon. It is also his partner. Though not seen always in battle, he is so strong that he can handle Tsuna and his Guardians without any trouble.
  • Gun (Leon Shift Shape) - Reborn uses this on the first Episode of Reborn! Reborn uses this to either shoot someone or somebody. Also, he uses this to shoot Tsuna with the Dying Will Bullet or the Hyper Dying Will Bullet.
  • Magnifying Glass (Leon Shift Shape) - Reborn uses this on the first Episode of Reborn! Leon transforms into a Magnifying Glass and allow Reborn to see someone's personality.
  • Reverse One Ton- Reborn used this in chapter 6 (Russian Roullete). It is a one ton mallet that can remove the effects of the dying will bullet to a person. He also stated that he is the only one who can use this.
Reborn's Mallet

One Ton Mallet

  • Parachute (Leon Shift Shape) - Reborn uses this on the first Episode of Reborn! Leon transforms into a Parachute that allows Reborn to fly around anywhere.
  • One Ton Mallet (Leon Shift Shape) - Although only shown in the anime for comedy purposes in the manga, the One Ton Mallet is described of its Ability that only Reborn can use. At will, Reborn can lift and swing this Weapon around as if it were as light as a feather and if Reborn hits someone with it, not only will their Dying Will Flames will be extinguished, but it can also be used just as a normal Weapon.
  • Reflect Mirror (Leon Shift Shape) - While conducting his own Trial, Leon transforms into a Mirror and Reflects all and throws back the attack to the enemy. Even the Sky Flames is to be Reflected when its suppose to engulf everything.
  • Chaos Shot - While conducting his own Trial, Reborn with his partner Leon fires a set of Sun Flames that numbs all the body's organs and nearly shuts them down making the body act as if it were dead. It acts as a homing missle and can even split into two or more Chaos Shots at will.


  • His most attracting features are his sideburns, as stated by Luce.
  • In the Reborn! Fandom, his letter is R.
  • He sleeps with his eyes open, as does his pet chameleon Leon.
  • Known as the 9th Vongola Boss most trusted man.
  • Reborn likes to wear Costumes especially for spying purposes.
  • In a recent fan poll, Reborn ranked ninth, with 3,375 votes.
  • He called Dino and Tsuna his "Stupid Loser Students"
  • Reborn's favorite drink is espresso.
  • He is said to be the strongest Arcobaleno.
  • Co-stars on Haru Haru's Interview Dangerous.
  • He is a member of the Italian bird society.


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