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[[Reborn (character)|Reborn's]] Main Mafia Costume.
[[Reborn (character)|Reborn's]] Main Mafia Costume.
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[[File:Reborn-san.jpg|thumb|Reborn-Mafia Costume]]

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List of Reborn's Various Costume Changes during the Series

Reborn's Main Mafia Costume.

Reborn-Mafia Costume

Reborn's Crazy Doctor Costume, Seen in Episode 2, when he is trying to wake Tsuna for school. After the events of Tsuna confessing to Kyoko and fighting Mochida. He ends up having to shock Tsuna which is the special Vongola way of waking a person.

File:RebornCostume ep2.jpg

Reborn's Construction Man Costume, seen in Episode 3, when he is tutoring Tsuna. He would detonate a bomb on Tsuna whenever he got an answer wrong. Lambo makes his entrance at this time as well.

File:RebornCostume ep3.jpg

Reborn's Pajamas, seen in Episode 4, when Tsuna and Yamamoto were having test problems and the Family (Gokudera, Kyoko, Bianchi, and Haru) where trying to help them. Reborn sleeps at this time only waking to say a few words.

File:RebornCostume ep4.jpg

Reborn's Chestnut Suit, seen in Episode 5, when Gokudera claims that it is really boring. Reborn comes in this suit which is a pun on words. "Bikkuri" means Suprising and "Big Kuri" means Chestnut. Reborn uses this Costume to spy on people who use trains for long distance commuting. People are scared of the spikes so nobody bothers him. Actually made by Bianchi when she was in elementary school for home econmics class. Whoever touches the spikes will go to heaven in 30 seconds.

File:RebornCostume ep5.jpg

Reborn's Elder PaoPao Costume. Ryohei thinks that he is the elder of Thai Boxing. Seen in Episode 7 when Ryohei is trying to recruit Tsuna to his boxing club.

RebornCostume ep7.jpg

Reborn's Deathgod Costume. Seen in Episode 9 when Tsuna got the Skull Disease from getting shot too many times with the Dying Will Bullet.

File:RebornCostume ep9.jpg

Reborn's Panda Costume. Seen in Episode 10 when Tsuna is looking for a babysitter for Lambo.

File:RebornCostume ep10.jpg

Reborn's Priest Costume. seen in Episode 11 when Tsuna was having a dream of marrying Kyoko, but instead it was Tsuna marrying Haru.

File:RebornCostume ep11.jpg

Reborn's Baseball Player Costume seen in Episode 12 when getting Yamamoto for the strengthening program.

RebornCostume ep12.jpg

Reborn's second Baseball Themed Costume of the 12th Episode.


Reborn's Hair Stylist Costume, his third Costume change in the 12th Episode. When he is training Gokudera he fixes his Gokudera's hair to help him with wind resistance.

File:RebornCostume eptwelve.jpg

Reborn's New Years Costume, seen in Episode 13 when he gathers the Vongola Family and at that time to battle Dino's Family.

File:RebornCostume ep13.jpg

Reborn's Samurai Costume, seen in Episode 15 when the Family is getting ready to have a snowball fight.

File:RebornCostume ep15.jpg

Reborn's Warrior Costume, his second Costume change in Episode 15, seen during the actual snowball fight.

File:RebornCostume epfifteen.jpg

Reborn's Caveman Costume, his third Costume change in Episode 15, seen when he starts the second round of the snowball fight.

File:RebornCostume ep15b.jpg

Reborn's Trainer Costume, seen in Episode 16 seen when Dino, and himself are training Tsuna, Yamamoto and Gokudera in the mountains.

File:RebornCostume ep16.jpg

Reborn's Exorcist Costume, seen in Episode 17 when Tsuna was in the hospital after the mountain training.

File:RebornCostume ep17.jpg

Reborn's Valentine Costume, seen in Episode 18 when Tsuna shows no feeling for Valentine's Day.

File:RebornCostume ep18.jpg

Reborn's Officer Costume, his second costume change of Episode 18 when he makes Tsuna run home to stop Bianchi from adding her Poison Cooking to Haru and Kyoko's chocolate.

File:RebornCostume ep18b.jpg

Reborn's Astronaut Costume, seen in Episode 19 when Futa is ranking Haru's charming points.

File:RebornCostume ep19.jpg

Reborn's English Hitman Costume, seen in Episode 21 when he calls Dino about Mukuro's Gang.

File:RebornCostume ep21.jpg

Reborn's Vongolavsky Costume, seen in Episode 27 when Tsuna, Gokudera and Yamamoto are disappointed about being in different classes, Reborn appears in this Costume. Gokudera seems to not know that it is Reborn. Also, the school board seems to think that Vongolavsky is a special classroom assigner.

RebornCostume ep27.jpg

Reborn's Graduate Costume, his second costume in episode 27 when Kyoko takes the arrangement form from Reborn so they can assign their own classmates.

File:RebornCostume ep27b.jpg

Reborn's Father Costume, seen in Episode 29 when Hana visits Tsuna's house to find out about Teen Lambo.

File:RebornCostume ep29.jpg

Reborn's Old Age Greek Costume, seen in Episode 30 when the Family was on the cruise going to Mafia Land.

File:RebornCostume ep30.jpg

Reborn's Swimming Costume, seen in Episode 32 when the Family is trying to teach Tsuna how to swim.

File:RebornCostume ep32.jpg

Reborn's Festival Costume, seen in Episode 33 after the race between Tsuna's Family and the Senior Lifeguards, Reborn is such a marksmen that he can hit several objects with a single bullet.

File:RebornCostume ep33.jpg

Reborn's Plant Costume, seen in Episode 34 when Squalo is fighting Basil for the Vongola Rings.

File:RebornCostume ep34.jpg

Reborn's Climbing Costume, seen in Episode 36 when Tsuna is trying to climb a cliff for his training to fight Varia.

File:RebornCostume ep36.jpg

Reborn's Gentleman Costume, his second Costume change in Episode 36, seen when Tsuna fell off the cliff. Reborn also resembles Vongola 9th with this costume.

File:RebornCostume ep36b.jpg

Reborn's Detective Costume. This was used when Lambo went missing and everyone is searching for him shown in Episode 38.


Reborn's Kite Costume, his second Costume change in Episode 38, seen when Tsuna is trying to question Hana about the whereabouts of Lambo.

File:RebornCostume ep38.jpg

Reborn's Creepy Old Lady Costume in Episode 67, seen when he attends Tsuna's parent visitation day to seek potential candidates for Tsuna's Family.

File:Reborn's Creepy Old Lady Cosplay.jpg

Reborn's Tutor Fairy Costume in Episode 164, seen when he decides to oversee Tsuna and his Guardians Vongola Box Training.

Tutor Fairy.PNG

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