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Reborn's Trial is the 149th episode of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn! anime.

Synopsis Edit

Reborn tells Tsuna and his guardians to assemble at Namimori Island for the next trial. When everyone reaches Namimori Island, the trial is revealed to be a battle of Tsuna's family against Reborn. Reborn knocks Tsuna unconscious and battles against Tsuna's guardians. While watching the trial, Lal Mirch recalls what had happened when the chosen seven to protect the Arcobaleno pacifiers met for the first time, and reveals that Reborn was the strongest of them. Tsuna regains consciousness after the defeat of his guardians and engages Reborn in battle. During the battle, Reborn reminisces on the day he became an Arcobaleno.

After that fateful day, we were condemned to protect these Pacifiers forever as the Cursed Babies, Arcobaleno. Not a single one of us could easily accept that ridiculous situation at first. That is, except for Luce, who knew our fate from the beginning. After a long period of wandering, I resolved to accept this body. Then, I asked Shamal to erase all my past personal history... and I became the Reborn that I am now.

Tsuna gains the advantage against Reborn but is defeated when he hesitates to use the X-Burner. Reborn then announces Tsuna has failed his trial.

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